Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no joke there. Same time, every year, I get the same childish thrill when it nears my favoritest holiday! I love driving past houses at night time and seeing pretty lights instead of dull darkness. I love getting in from the cold and drinking cocoa. I love shopping and getting presents. I love everything about this holiday.

I've already done half my Christmas shopping. So far, I have bought something for Dad, Mom, and my brother, but I still need to get sisters something. And I'm a four dollar budget, so you can imagine the time I'll have trying to figure out what to get. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out what my parents got me, and, frankly, I'm quite scared that's it not on my list. Those folks of mine are unpredictable.

So Christmas Break has started! But I couldn't enjoy the first day of it. Why? I had to get two stubborn wittle baby teeth extracted.

Hey it wasn't that bad. I just sat there for awhile waiting until it was my doomed call and then went back. Of course, I had to wait a few more minutes til' the dentist got in there, and believe me, I could wait. Yeah so I was a bit nervous. While they had barely started, my hands were clinging to the arm rests like it was the end. I need to stop being such a drama queen.

Anyways, it was one tooth on the top, and one on the bottom. They got the bottom one out first, and I barely felt it. I mean when I heard the dentist say "Ok let's get the top one" and I was like "You got the bottom one already? Sheesh man that was fast". To make a long story short, I made a speedy recovery by eating jello and watching one of my favorite programs(and try and guess which one).  What I didn't like before that was having to stuff gauze where it was bleeding. At least I didn't gag it up this time.

Now the story I just mentioned above has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Christmas of course. So let's get back to the that.

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching a Christmas movie, "The Polar Express", and did I mention how much I LOVE the credit song? It's even on my playlist. Josh Groban has such an amazing voice. No one can sing "Believe" better than him.

Have some of you been wanting to see my family's Christmas tree? Well wait no more, for here it is!

Not very good lighting, I know. But I took it with my webcam so that's to be expected. And now you know what I mean by HUGE. I'm shocked we even had enough ornaments.

So........I guess that is it. I've ran out of things to say honestly. I'll leave you with this:

~The Authoress

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Me from summer of 2009

(If you wonder why I am wearing a dress, that was taken right before church)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deck the Halls!

I honestly wanted to make a post yesterday, but things got jammed up and I didn't have time. So sorry...again.

So I have a lot to say, and no idea how to begin saying. Let me see....oh yeah! My family has finally got our beautiful Christmas tree set up in the living room. Now normally, we always have no problem setting it up and decorating. But this year, oh goodness, this year it was different. See, my dad bought this HUGE tree, and my sibs and I had to haul it inside. But that thing was so heavy! I felt like collapsing only after ten minutes of holding it, and that's not new to me, since I'm not a heavy lifter. Anyways, after like an HOUR OR SO we finally got it set up but had to wait til' the next day to decorate. And if that wasn't enough, a couple of days after decorating...the tree collapsed twice! I was half tempted to yell "Timber" but no one else would have been laughing. To make a long story short, yes, it is stable now.

I can't believe it is almost Christmas! I am so so so so so excited! I'm pysched! I'm ecstatic! Can I go on about how thrilled I am?


I'll be serious. Me parents have already done Christmas shopping, and are being very very secretive. Now I know what they are getting my brother, but since the dear boy is on Blogger, and will be reading this blog later, I'll be a good little girl and not spill the beans. Still have no idea what they are getting me. I'm all ears, trying to figure it out. But I'm frankly scared, because sometimes people end up getting me things I don't bother with later. At the same time, I'm still expecting something great.

Hey, did I mention my family went to the town Christmas parade today? Obviously not. So anyways, we had a quick breakfast of donuts and then waited in our cold van til' it was a few minutes away from the parade starting. When it did.....ugh I'm surpised I didn't lose my hearing. YES ALL THOSE LOUD FIRETRUCKS! I plugged my ears until they were gone but only uncovered them when candy was being thrown. Rolly 2

The parade was completely awesome, except I'm still not convinced of who clowns really are. One tried to make me hug him, but I shook my head as to say I wasn't sold on it. Wouldn't he ought to know, if I were hiding, I was scared of clowns. I embarrass myself alot. I'm thirteen and I'm still scared of clowns. What is it about them that I don't like? I feel sorry for that clown though, he looked kind of disappointed.

Anywho, I'll tell you my favorite part of the parade. The marching band! They were playing this year! Last year they didn't, because it was too wet and cold. But alas, they did it this time since z weather was nice. I also liked all the floats and old cars that drove by. Just your typical small town parade, not much to brag about.

Ok, I think I'm done here. See you all on Monday guys!

~The Authoress

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Say hello

Meet Fiona, the newest addition to my family of Webkinz.She is a yellow canary, if you didn't already see that, hehe.

~The Authoress

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving ya'all!

It's been good today. I woke up before 9:00 this morning, and belive me that's a record because I'm always getting up later than that. Anyways, I did get up early and had a bagel for breakfast, also watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV at the moment as well. But I think it's a crime they call it a parade anymore, since all they are doing is showing what's on Broadway, talking too much, and giving musical performances while the floats and balloons are going by. I did manage to catch a glimpse of some of the balloons though! I saw a  Sonic the Hedgehog one, and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. Floats? Nope, didn't catch any because I went had to go practice my guitar(you'd think my parents would give me a day off).

So I when I finished that, I got on my laptop and went on Youtube for awhile. Then my mom wanted me to help out with the Thanksgiving meal, so reluctantly I went and buttered the rolls before they were put in the oven. That's all I did. I'm a nice daughter. I like helping my mother.

After a few more minutes, my stomach was rumbling and I was praying the meal was finished. Lone behold, when I was right in the middle of watching a video, my dad called me out of the room saying it was time to eat. So my family gathered at the table, said our thanks and feasted! While I was digging through the cut-up turkey trying to find a nice piece, I pulled out a wishbone! No not the dog(hehe). The bone that is in a turkey and is a Thanksgiving tradition, that whenever someone gets hold of the wishbone, they can make a wish. Even though it is silly, I still want to make a wish before the day is out.

Anyhoot, the dinner was quite delicious. I had a piece of turkey and three rolls. Normally I'd add some cranberry sauce to that but I discovered last year I lost my taste for it. My stomach was already protesting, as I hadn't had turkey in awhile. So I just scraped the crumbs and stray pieces of turkey into the trash can and stuck my plate and fork into the dishwasher. While we were eating, my dog, Penny, was barking outside. She was mad because we didn't give her any turkey, lol. My little sis went out and gave her a few pieces. Penny is now a happy dog.

You know, up to now I never really realized how much I have to be thankful for. I've got a roof over my head, a crazy family, equally crazy but lovable friends, a playful dog, plenty of food, and I have GOD to thank for this. The LORD has really blessed me and I'm glad this very day was put aside to thank him for all our blessings.

Again, happy Thanksgiving!

~The Authoress

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Z Christmas Listie!

Ok so as I was looking at my comments the other day, one of you were wanting to see my wishlist. So I decided "Hey why not? I don't have anything else to say". I'll start out with the movie category:

Those are the only movies on my list as that I personally want. And don't think me wrong, but here are the reasons I want them: For Soul Surfer, this movie really inspired me. And I've only seen it one time so it would be nice to have it myself. And as for Beauty and the Beast, well...must I tell you? It's a classic and I love it!


                                          (Mom, you can pick any of the three to get me, teehee)

(I love to listen to music, nuff' said!)
(Please don't say anything mean, I've never owned an American Girl doll before and I've always wanted one!)

                                                             (I could really use a pair)

This is probably the only book I really really want. It was awesome!

Well that is probably it for now. Chao!

~The Authoress

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life as I Know It

So so, to begin my happy post, we got our Christmas photos done last week. And this time, my parents were in them. It's been years since they were last in a photo and now they were freaking out of how old they were. So just to be a nice daughter, I'll skip the pics of my parents to relieve them. I might still put the ones of me and my sibs, we are more interesting to look at, lol. They are already available to view online but we haven't got the printed ones out that we usually put in Christmas cards, so yeah, we'll have those in...I don't know. A couple of weeks? One week?

School is............................nevermind. I can't find a word. Math, my mom explains the lessons to me and I do them. Easy for pre-Algebra actually. Started a new Science pace, which I believe is more weather and wind current stuff. Language Arts...I am so glad this is my last year in Spelling. Next year, I think I'll be doing the Lord of the Rings study guide my sister got at the homeschool conference a few months back. Yes people, a whole stand of LOTR! Books and study guide alike! And--get this! The people running the stand had a rug poster thingy that had three autographs signed by THREE OF THE CAST MEMBERS. I cannot believe I was actually looking at it. That's one thing to see signatures. But when will I ever meet them?

Ok enough of my squealing. Back on the subject of school. History is still talking about things I already know. I just finished learning(again) on the Revolutionary War and feel like I have the order of events memorized. And my mom said I wasted time watching TV. Anyways, yeah. That's all I have to say about that. And Bible? Bible is teaching me about Christian philosphers and prophets of such. Early Christianity things.

Ok...I think I've pretty much said everything I want. I was going to include my Christmas list in this post but you don't want to stay here forever do you?

~The Authoress

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trust me, I have my reasons....

To those who have been annoyed at my post lack, I am truely sorry. But as my title said, I have my reasons. You'll know when I tell you what has been going on with my silly life.

Last week my little sis caught a cold and recovered on Friday, then I started to get a stuffy and runny nose that evening, the same symptons of what my sis had. So I said to myself, "It's just allergies you'll get over it.". Oh but I was wrong. The next morning on Saturday I woke up and felt so disgusting all over! My nose was superly-stuffed and my throat felt like a cat was hanging onto it with it's claws out. I stayed in bed for half the morning, got out later, watched an old episode of Doctor Who on our instant streaming Netflix thing, and munched on french fries which my mother(the dear sweet lady she is) bought me.

So with things going good, I expected to be better on Sunday. Right? Wrong! I felt just as icky so I had to stay home from church with only that pyscho cat Max to keep me company. I wasn't that feeble you know, I was able to get up and make myself some toast to eat. I watched a movie and tried to get some sleep, but that failed, and I can't say I didn't try. I tried once that morning after I woke up and twice that afternoon. And I tend to be a wee bit spoiled when I am sickly. Yeah I sent my momzy on a wild goose chase for a chocolate milk shake. She is such a sweet lady, did I mention that?

And now my friends, I am happy to say I feel splendid now. Except for my nose, I am fine. But now my older sister is suffering from my inflicted cold. Sorry! I didn't really mean to. But I don't want to stay sick forever. We're getting Christmas photos done this week!

Yes we are getting them this week did I mention that as well?

**gets blank looks**

That's what I thought. See, we always go to the chiropractor the second Friday of the month, so this is a golden oppurtunity. Why is such a big deal of getting photos done in the studio? Well for the past two years my family wasn't able to afford it, so we had to do the photos at home. But now we are ok, so we can afford to get it done now and I am excited! I already picked the dress I'm going to wear, it matches my earrings perfectly. My mom always sends pictures to friends and relatives, so I'm gonna play a little trick on them. I'm going to style my hair to where my ears will be showing and see if anybody can guess if they are clip-ons and pierced(just between you and me, I'll tell you! They're clip-ons, tee hee).

Now I won't bore you with school. That subject is not on my agenda, except I will tell you I am anxious for Thanksgiving break to hurry up and get here.

So...........I think that's it. I'm going to like, go work on my stories or something now.

~The Authoress

Friday, October 28, 2011

Grief in my Home

For a few weeks, our dog Perky has been very very sick. And this evening after supper, things got bad. She started choking and gagging for breath. I knew what was coming so I ran outside to keep from witnessing it. I was crying of course, but when I walked around the house and saw my dad bringing the wheelbarrow around...I let it all out. She died. At 5:31.

For all those years of love, laughter, and trouble, I loved you doggie. Thank you for all those years. You will always be a puppy. You will always be smiling, barking, and howling at us.

R.I.P. Perky.

~The Authoress

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post....what number am I on?

Jump For Joy
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts. I've just been busy, lazy and all that.

The days are getting colder. Alas! I am spending each morning curled up in my covers, refusing to budge! I feel comfy, cozy, and all snuggled. But then something has to come along and drag me out. Such as my mom, dad, a sibling, a pet(yes you heard me correctly) or school. My sis(15) is always up earlier than me because she has more schoolwork than me, and I pity her since she is in the middle of Biology right now. Luckily she wriggled her way out of the dissecting part, she is going to instead watch a video or something. I plan to do that once I'm in 10th grade(which is like, years from now!), see I used to be interested in the Medical profession but the sight of blood and another person's...erm....ugh...well you know. It sickens me. And no way am I going to start by cutting up a dead frog. Sick

Well back to business ok? Ok. So did I mention I have progressed in guitar? Yes indeed! I am getting better at strumming chords aaand writing notes in by myself. Last week at lessons I played "Silent Night" on my teacher's guitar really good. He had my mom come and listen, and then told her I was ready for a new guitar. See I've had my old one don't know! I've outgrown it! I used to be comfortable playing it but I agree with my teacher. Tis' time for a new one.

During the past duration of these days, our oven also decided to fizz out on us. See two weeks ago we were trying to cook pizza in the oven and everytime the the timer went off, the pizzas were still cold. So after several attempts we gave up and had to use the microwave. Since then my family has had to get creative with meal plans. We have had spaghetti but something was missing. No garlic bread! It just wasn't the same. And I am not seriously fond of crockpot meals, which my mom has been fixing for supper lately. So I'm praying our oven gets fixed and soon! I am suffering from a garlic bread, oven-baked pizza, chicken nugget, chicken patty, and chocolate cake withdrawl. This girl loves that stuff!

Let's see I've talked alot haven't I? I'm trying to figure out what to say about school. When I saw what was for Math this week, I freaked out. But it turned out to be easy so again I made a fool of fine. Just talking about clouds and the atmosphere, which is sometimes, honestly, too hard to focus on when you've got something else on mind. And I know my clouds! Nimbus, stratus, cirrus, I missing any? History is finishing up on the Revolutionary War which I also am smart of, thanks to a certain kids show named Liberty's Kids. Bible is talking about apologists and all that stuff.

I believe I have an obsession with a series of games called Sims 3. Upon the whereabouts of seeing these games continually in Super Wal-Mart, I have began to grow curious of what they were like. It turns out the other ones are expansion pacts like the newest one, Pets. I have continually told my mom I want one of those games. Another thing to add to my Christmas list.

And did I mention my Christmas list is growing? Yes quite so! But I shan't tell you it yet, that post, my dear, is saved for another day.

Let's see...I think I've covered everything. Oh wait, there is one more thing! A song! I cannot leave you without a song! And today's selection is "Part of your World" from The Little Mermaid!

Stay true!

~The Authoress~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Disney Movies Taught Me

That you can fall in love with someone regardless of how they look

To be true to your heart.

That love can happen between any two people.

That those we have lost will always be with us.

That even our wildest dreams can come true.

That we must learn to accept differences and love each other for them

That some of the most beautiful people we will ever know, are beautiful for who they are and not what they look like.

That we are all meant for something great.

That you may find the one you are meant for in the strangest places.

Have a great day!

~The Authoress

Friday, October 7, 2011

Posting....without a title

I fear my mind is running dry on titles. That is the best(or should I say, worst) I could come up with.

I've been gone almost all day, well it's the afternoon, so I've been gone all morning. Why? I had a doctor's appointment. I do not like doctor appointments. Well actually it was for me and my little sis. I got a clear bill of health. And one thing I don't like about doctor appointments...the finger prick. Blood. My own innocent blood. Oh the humanity! Nevermind. Anyways, some tuffs of the cotton was sticking out from up and down the band-aid, which I couldn't resist this oppurtunity to make a joke. I wiggled that finger in front of my mom and sister and said "Hello I'm the Professor". And my mom asked me what I was doing. I just pointed out to her how the cotton looked like tuffs of wild white hair from between the band-aid, like a professor.

Onto majorness...I also had to get a shot while there. Spare this poor girl a shot people! I already got a flu one. Sheesh. Anyways, I wasn't even looking before they did it. The room I got in was painted all Lion King, which made me feel comfortable, so I just looked at the wall while my arm waited. And it stung! My mouth just gaped open. I didn't scream or anything. I just got shocked. I think I can survive shots now.

Of course I got to do some reading in the waiting room, did I fail to mention that? See I'm on a week-from-tomorrow deadline to get "The Blue Enchantress" finished, because it's due then. I'm already in the middle of the seventeenth chapter so only...*counts on fingers* maybe a few left. For the second book in the Charles Towne Belle series, I truely am enjoying this one. And when I read a book, I never fail to find a similarity between me and the main character. It happens every time. And I like doing that. After I'm finished with this book, I 'll start "The Raven Saint", the last book in the series. Then when I'm done with that I'll change the pace of historical-fiction to fantasy/medieval, aka Kingdom Series.  Then back to historical-fiction, because M.L. Tyndall(the author of the book I'm currently reading) has released yet another book to yet another series I have yet to read.

We stopped at a McDonalds on the way home, which, was by the way, crowded! I got a McDouble and fries, and a tasty Hi-C to drink. I love Hi-C. Did I also mention I got a large cup? Yeppers.

No more talking. I've talked ya'alls ears off.

~The Authoress

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am super-pumped! One of my favorite book series is being made into a movie! The Kingdom Series!!!! Ok I've used enough exclamation marks. Anyways, they are making these incredible books in a movie trilogy. It's so awesome! I have yet to find out when they release but oh, I am so going to the cinema to see them. No one can deny me my right! Below is the link to the website:

~The Authoress

Monday, September 26, 2011

Well it's about time....

I am so so sorry for the lack of posts in a week! I've just been incredibly lazy lately and at the same time busy with school. I'm just bored so...blah.

Seriously, a cloud has been hanging over my home for a few days. The weather is disgusting(aka warm, I hate warm weather actually) so it doesn't match. Hello! This is supposed to be Fall folks!!!!!!! I want leaves, I want wind, I want Thanksgiving. It's so happifull.

Science, Language Arts, Bible, History and Math....the dreaded subjects of school. I'm finding the grammar highly annoying. Spelling, ok. But NOT GRAMMAR. Like "label this word as a noun" or so so so. Science, well I just started a new pace on oceanography(which I'm sure I didn't spell right), which might be up my alley since I love getting wet. The recent pace was on rocks. Who wants to know about rocks? Anyways, Bible is on the subject of salvation, and how you can have assurance you are saved. And History? It's on the early colonies! My other favorite time period! Like I learned about the fouding of such places as Jamestown. I told my mom, the next time we visit the state of Virginia, I want to go to Jamestown. It would be fun to look at those models of ships.

I need to go shopping again. Why? My family is getting Christmas photos done at a JcPenney's this year, which is like, months from now and you know me, I can't find a thing to wear in them this time. So I begged my mom that I want to go find a Christmasy dress for the photos. We will be going shopping sometime at the local thrift store in town. Did I mention that? I got a really cute skirt there! Here's a pic!

Well it's at least half of it, and me! So isn't it an adorable pattern? It was really cheap so I think I got a good deal.

So...I'm just being a little random. For my life has been naught but boring. That's me. I want adventure...oh wait I'd better stop before I start singing the reprise of "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast". Speaking of that, it's a movie I'm totally putting on my Christmas wishlist. It's the best film Disney ever made.

Well if I have bored or entertained you with my random babblings, I shall depart now. Oh and speaking of Disney...

I know it's not the reprise but hey, I love this song.

~The Authoress

Friday, September 16, 2011

How's the weather up there?

Getting colder each day. I can go ahead and wave goodbye to summer because the chilliness of my favorite season is almost here. How can I tell? It was cold in my room today, I didn't get up early because my bed was too warm and cozy. I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt right now but believe me I am still barefoot. And momzy thinks I'm crazy.

Been busy this week. The most awful thing happened on Wednesday. No I didn't face a sea monster but I might as well have. It was....a flu shot. My parents were so cruel as to make me get one. They had to literally drag me out the door. Because....well....let me admit that I am still terrified by needles. Ever since my first shot I've been scared. Really scared. But it wasn't as bad as I thought, it only felt like a bee sting. And now I'm not as proned to getting sick anymore. I was still shaking afterwards however, I'm still scared of needles.

Today my family went to a Sam's Club store and got lots of things. And when we first walked inside, you know the row of TV's they've got sitting out? Well they were showing the trailer for the new "Three Musketeers" movie. And guess who is playing the Duke of Buckingham? You may remember him as Legolas or Will Turner. Yes! Orlando Bloom! And since my younger sister likes him, I couldn't resist the moment to tease her. She got mad at me.

So anyways, knowing what a superhero freak my dad is, I was browsing through the movies and found Thor. Of course we bought it, or should I say, my dad bought it. I did see a movie of my favorite, "Beauty and the Beast", I wanted to get that but we didn't, wah. We did get two pizzas however, along with breadsticks and cookies that came with the box. Yum...and I smell pizza cooking in the oven. I'm really hungry now.

I've started a prayer journal. It's sort of something for school my mom made me do but I find it helpful. I've wrote down a few prayer requests already and some praises. I'm hoping that doing this, along with my devotions and Bible reading, it will help me become more devoted to the LORD and be a better Christian.

Mom just said the pizza is done. So I've got to run along now, sorry for the short post.

~The Authoress

Monday, September 12, 2011

Return of the Playlist

Yes, very awesome no? Here's the story: So I was feeling really bored with my music so just stupidly logged onto Mixpod and deleted the old playlist on here! After awhile my bloggie got kinda quiet so I decided to create a new playlist. And that I have. It is on my sidebar(it's too clear not to notice right?) and it's on random shuffle. You can scroll through and if you see a song you like, go ahead and play it. I don't mind. It's just a bunch of random-no-nonsense songs on there, Disney if you are obsessed like me, Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia if you are in the mood to escape to fantasy, Barbie Rapunzel and Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper(love that movie) if you need something pretty and magical to listen to, and if you just want to relax, there is some nice quiet piano music as well.

That's all I wanted to say.

~The Authoress

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Review of "Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue"

Lady Carliss is a young knight of the Prince, talented in the skills of both the bow and sword. When another knight, Sir Dalton, falls prey to the deadly poison of the esca lizard, Carliss goes on a quest to find the fabled swamp-lily that will save his life. But at the same time, the people of Moorue are disappearing within the swamp. Will Carliss let Dalton die so that she may be able to save the people? Or will she be able to conquer both quests?

My Review: As far as I can tell, this is by far one of the most exciting books I have ever read. Not very long but great since the main character is a girl who is a knight, which is what I love seeing. The book deals wih how easy it is to escape reality and ignore the fullness of life. There was nothing objectional in this book that I can remember. So I'd recommend for this for ages 11 and up, and for anyone who LOVES a good battle scene in books.

Below are the ratings you are most likely to see during any of my book reviews.

Five Stars: Awesome!
Four Stars: Good, with mildness of action
Three Stars: It was ok...
Two Stars: Blech...
One Star: Had to shut it before I finished.

And I have to say, "Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue" deserves 5 golden stars from me!

~The Authoress

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swift and Quick

I truely feel as if the days are going by as that! I cannot believe tomorrow is September 1st! Already....I can't wait for the cold weather. I'm sorry but fall happens to be a favorite season of mine. As is winter but I like fall better. I like the leaves, pumpkins, and all that fun stuff.

So school...what to say what to say. It's ok I guess. Like I said, Pre-Albera isn't as bad as I thought. It's kiddie stuff compared to what I'm facing next year. And for Science, I am nearly done with my first pace! It has been very interesting so far but I know some of those things. Such as space facts and all. Language Arts is on verbal communication and today I tried my hand(literally!) at sign language. I tried a sentence, like "Hi, my name is ______"(sorry I can't provide my real name), and I'm not quite sure if I did it right, lol. Bible is good, just as always. But History...oh goodness. I wonder when it will get to another favorite time period of mine.

I've been partial to my writing lately. I've just been...lazy about it.

Oh yes! We survived Hurricane Irene! But it was so awful afterwards. See, the power went out during the night it hit and it was still out in the daytime. I nearly didn't make it without TV! And all I had for lunch that day was potato chips and cold milk. Ugh. Praise the good LORD it came back 6:30 in the evening! I celebrated by taking a warm shower and watching TV afterwards. Aaaand I got on my laptop. But my family still can't relax yet. We still have Tropical Storm/Hurricane Katia to watch out for. Yikes!

That's it for me now.

~The Authoress

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello Hurricane

My family has been keeping a keen eye on the Hurricane which they call Irene. I'm praying for those on the coastline that they may have sense enough to evacuate.

So we have been prepping. My mom was unable to find the right sized batteries so she got chocolate instead. I NEED chocolate to keep my sanity. Anyways, we have cannned foods, flashlights, and all the things we need. It is already getting windy outside and dark and cloudy. The last time we had a hurricane here was years ago. So yeah I'm a little nervous. I don't want the power to go out.

Sorry for the lack of posts. School has been keeping me busy as has reading. I finally got to check out "The Blue Enchantress"! Well actually my mom did, for me that is. It looks quite interesting as the first one so I shall not delay in reading it. But school...ugh. I started French. Am doing ok in History. Ok in Math. Ok in Bible. But Language Arts is not proving to be easy. Oh well, at least this is my last year in spelling.

Well, not much else to talk about.

~The Authoress

Monday, August 22, 2011

If you can read this, it means I'm alive

The lack of posts has been due to school. I promise to try and post as often as I can!

I watched a little of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie last night before my dad changed the channel to the Cardinals ball game. I daresay pirates are much more interesting than sports. And I just realized I may be the only person in the universe who hasn't seen the fourth POTC yet!!! I'm just as an avid fan of POTC as I am of LOTR. I love both equally. I'm crazy. Oh yeah, and I found out that they are making yet another POTC! They should totally bring Will and Elizabeth back. Some of the girls at camp agreed with me, saying that Jack Sparrow is not much of an actor. I partially disagree with that.

I also found something else of my favorite actors, Ben Barnes whom you all may know as Prince Caspian, celebrated his 30th b-day a couple of days ago. I cannot believe it. He is like the second guy I like that is too old for me. Don't make me admit I have a crush on him. Or did I just do that...

Life has been slow for me. With school and all. History is talking about stuff I already learned before! How could they do that to me, I'm not a fourth grader! Anyways, school has been pretty good so far. But alas, I fear I already think I have been doing it for a year, but it's only been last week and today.  Math isn't as bad as I thought. The word "Pre-Algebra" scares me to death, but it's actually easy. As for all my other subjects, I haven't tore my hair out yet. And I busted the headphones that came with my Rosetta Stone French. Yikes.

I may be working on my stories later. And have I got a new idea. Don't give me that look Mom. I know it. Anyways, I had these really great ideas for a mystery novel. I want my main character's name to be Amy Parker, but then again I am also considering the name Addison. So I am having a poll, you tell me. Should her name be Amy Parker or Addison Parker?

Well, lunch is calling me. I shall go fix a grilled cheese and come back out to watch Veggie Tales.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flynn and Rapunzel are Accidentally in Love

So this is a random video I made, dedicated to two of my favorite characters from Tangled. Enjoy!

~The Authoress

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Stuff!

A big box came in the mail today carrying some school supplies! Including some of my stuff too! Here are some pics I snapped with my webcam.

This is my Rosetta Stone language course. I'm learning French! It came with some cool headphones too.

Below are the study guide CDs I'm doing! The first one is "Pride and Prejudice", and my painted finger nails.
Above is "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe", and my hand. And below is "Anne of Green Gables" and my hand again.

I also have "Witch of Blackbird Pond" but it's not here yet. It's on backorder.

Now here is my devotional "Devotions for the God Girl". Here's the front cover:

Back cover:

That's all for now. I've got a historical artifact kit on the way too. Backordered.

~The Authoress

Monday, August 15, 2011

Of books and such

First off, I've got a new look on this blog! It took me awhile to figure out but I got it! You like?

Oh yes, homeschool has started. Pre-Algebra isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Language Arts is, however proving to be a little frustrating, for I hate vocabulary but I love the book reports and stuff. The Science is ok. Nuff' said. I also truely am enjoying History! Medieval ages is one of my favorite time periods, next to Victorian era and Regency. Tis' quite interesting to learn some facts about Europe and all those other countries hundreds of years ago.

I am almost finished with "Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue"! While I was at camp, surprisingly I was able to read a few chapters. It's a really cool book! I would truely love to get the first book in this series. Which brings me to what else I am planning to read this year. Have any recommendations? For I have been mainly reading historical-fiction all year. I do hope to read "The Blue Enchantress", second in the Charles Towne Belle series. After the epilogue leaving me in suspense, I demand the next book.

On movies, I really want to see the new movie "Soul Surfer". It's starring one of my favorite actresses Annasophia Robb as Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost one of her arms in the shark attack. What amazes me is that it was a true story! How could anyone go on after that? It's so interesting. I think I shall ask my mom to rent this. Here's the cover:

So so, I wouldn't know what else to talk about right now. Other than that, I'm sleepy. If you notice the time when this posted, I'll be asleep before I have to wake up to school again.

~The Authoress

Saturday, August 13, 2011

All the Time in the World

I am an avid fan of the Spy Kids movies! And they have finally and I mean finally released the official second trailer for the fourth movie!!!!!!

~The Authoress

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yes I am back from camp! It hardly felt like a week went by...I missed all of you! But now I'm back of course. I don't know where to start, except to say I had really great fun. On the first day I wasn't sure of whether or not I would make any friends. But I instantly became friends with one of my cabin mates, who I did almost everything with. Let me tell you my favorite things that happened last week:

I loved roller skating, swimming, chapel time of course, and tubing. What's tubing you ask? It's this of course, four people hang onto this float-thingy which is attached to a boat, and the boat zooms off on speed. I did that four times! I nearly fell off the last two times. You've really gotta hang on to that if you don't want to fly off. Amongst the other water activities was water skiing and the Sumitt. I did water skiing but was horrible. Each time the boat started to move I fell back. My skiis were too heavy! And the Sumitt was a huge inflatable slide you go down. Really. fast. I did it only two times. Let me say this: Climbing up is scary, but going down is even scarier.

This is my last week of freedom before school starts up once again. My mom is getting me a few study guides AND Rosetta Stone Francais(french). I am pysched about that! But certainly not about the Math...Pre-Algebra...I'm scared.

I've finished "The Red Siren"! It was a great book, I must say I throughly enjoyed but hated how the epilogue ended in suspense! My mom asked me how I liked the book, I replied saying "Get me the second!". Her only reaction was a laugh. I take it that she's going to let me check it out next time we are at the library.

Oh yes, and on Saturday night I watched one of my most favorite Disney movies "Beauty and the Beast". We'd gotten it on DVD from Netflix and it gave me the option of which version I wanted to watch. I almost picked the original theatrical release, but I changed my mind when I saw they had special extended! It was wonderful. Now my dear friends, I leave with you with one of my favorite parts from the movie:

It truely is a tale as old as time.

~The Authoress

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fare thee well!

Chillax, I'm not leaving for good. I just came to say goodbye, for this entire week I shall be at summer camp. My inbox will most likely be exploding by the time I come back so yeah. Don't expect my Yahoo avvie to change, don't expect anymore posts til' Monday of next week.

I'll miss you all!

~The Authoress

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Want to hear a long song? "Looooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg..."

I am seriously pysched! The day after tomorrow, Monday, I, The Authoress shall be departing for summer camp! This is the first time I have actually gone so I'm super-excited yet scared at the same time. I don't know if anyone there will talk to me, I won't know anyone there but my older siblings. What made things more nerve-wracking was when my little sis came home with an injury. I've been praying that I won't goof up and end up hurting myself...truth be told, the idea of landing in the hospital terrfies me! But I know, besides my siblings I will not be alone.

I am nearly done with "The Red Siren"! You see, while I have been preparing for camp, my mom has rushed me to finish "The Red Siren" before I leave for camp, see it's a library book. So yeah. I'm surprised at myself. I do say so myself this book has been very exciting. But it's only the first in the Charles Towne Belles series, so I've got a long way to go.

I managed to get some packing done. I am using the same red duffel bag my little sis used for camp. I've fitted everything in it: My new red swimsuit, swimsuit cover-up, towel, clothes, my pink flashlight, my pink notebook(yes I obviously like pink, lol) along with a pen, bugspray, sunscreen, ponytail holders, nail polish(yes I cannot go anywhere without it), and a couple of books. I am also bringing good ol' Clifty dog to keep me company.

Among my list of things I've done today, I got to watch Disney's "The Little Mermaid" today(I have convinced my mom to rent Disney movies thru Netflix, knowing the freak I am). I forgot how much I loved that movie. It's my favorite next to "Beauty and the Beast", "Mulan", and especially "Tangled". Ariel is so pretty! I seriously love the way her hair moves in the water. At the part near the end when she said "I love you daddy" to her dad, I nearly teared-up. That part has always been touching to me. On my wedding day years from now, I want to hug my dad and say the same thing.

I need to run along now. Pip pip cheerio!

~The Authoress

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Good Friend

One of my best friends and kindred spirits, Grace at Genuine Glee is celebrating her 18th birthday today! Of course we must sing the song:

Birthday Song

Birthday Party BlowerHappy birthday Grace! And many more to you!

~The Authoress

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who is Jesus?

~The Authoress

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picture Post!

Today is a picture post of my toys! Yes, go ahead and say it. I'm 13 but I still play with dollies. I'm still posting them thoough!

Those aren't toys, those are my clip-on earrings I got during day camp. They look very pretty no?

Above are my darling webkinz, Pat(the cocker spaniel) and Lucy(the white terrier). I've had Pat of 2009. He was a gift from my grandma. And Lucy, well I got her with my own money to save my account. Anyways, they are both very cute and I love collecting toy animals.

Oh yes, which brings me to my favorite animal. My old pal Clifty whom I have had since I was three, he was a gift from someone at church. He was there for me during the tough times as a toddler. I cuddled him when I had nightmares. He was my best friend. I named him after Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Above you an see my lovely(yet blurry) collection of Barbies. Here are each them in better photos:

This is Liana. She was actually my second Barbie doll, you see I used to have Mariposa but she had a tragic accident. I got Liana for my 11th birthday in 2009, and she actually is a princess from Diamond Castle. But I misplaced her gown so I just put this awesome outfit on her. Her hair is always mess so it's always in a ponytail. So um yeah.

My next doll is Rapunzel. Yes she has her gown, I have not misplaced it, my little sis has it on one of her Barbies. She was my third doll. I got her for Christmas of 2009. She is wearing a cute dress that came on one of my sister's dolls. Rapunzel is one of the prettiest Barbies and well I can't very well remember the reason why I wanted her. Maybe it was the hair...

Next is the lovely Miss Merliah Summers from Barbie in a Mermaid Tale! I really wanted her because her surfer outfit can change into a mermaid tale and I can take her into the swimming pool with me. Her hair even has pink highlights and is currently in a ponytail. I like the movie as much as the doll, so yeah.

My last doll is Ellen Hopkins. She really didn't have a name til' I got her. I bought her with Christmas money from my grandma. Ellen is special to me because she's the first Barbie I ever bought myself. And she came with two great outfits. I LOVE the shoes.

So I guess those are all my dolls and animals. They are truely special to me in all ways. Oh one more thing before I depart, I'd like to wish my parents a happy anniversary!

~The Authoress