Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Z Christmas Listie!

Ok so as I was looking at my comments the other day, one of you were wanting to see my wishlist. So I decided "Hey why not? I don't have anything else to say". I'll start out with the movie category:

Those are the only movies on my list as that I personally want. And don't think me wrong, but here are the reasons I want them: For Soul Surfer, this movie really inspired me. And I've only seen it one time so it would be nice to have it myself. And as for Beauty and the Beast, well...must I tell you? It's a classic and I love it!


                                          (Mom, you can pick any of the three to get me, teehee)

(I love to listen to music, nuff' said!)
(Please don't say anything mean, I've never owned an American Girl doll before and I've always wanted one!)

                                                             (I could really use a pair)

This is probably the only book I really really want. It was awesome!

Well that is probably it for now. Chao!

~The Authoress


Blessed Homeschool said...

Hmmmm.....that's a great looking wish list, lol, we'll see what we can do!

Soccer Chick said...

You take pretty pictures. (:

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