Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no joke there. Same time, every year, I get the same childish thrill when it nears my favoritest holiday! I love driving past houses at night time and seeing pretty lights instead of dull darkness. I love getting in from the cold and drinking cocoa. I love shopping and getting presents. I love everything about this holiday.

I've already done half my Christmas shopping. So far, I have bought something for Dad, Mom, and my brother, but I still need to get sisters something. And I'm a four dollar budget, so you can imagine the time I'll have trying to figure out what to get. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out what my parents got me, and, frankly, I'm quite scared that's it not on my list. Those folks of mine are unpredictable.

So Christmas Break has started! But I couldn't enjoy the first day of it. Why? I had to get two stubborn wittle baby teeth extracted.

Hey it wasn't that bad. I just sat there for awhile waiting until it was my doomed call and then went back. Of course, I had to wait a few more minutes til' the dentist got in there, and believe me, I could wait. Yeah so I was a bit nervous. While they had barely started, my hands were clinging to the arm rests like it was the end. I need to stop being such a drama queen.

Anyways, it was one tooth on the top, and one on the bottom. They got the bottom one out first, and I barely felt it. I mean when I heard the dentist say "Ok let's get the top one" and I was like "You got the bottom one already? Sheesh man that was fast". To make a long story short, I made a speedy recovery by eating jello and watching one of my favorite programs(and try and guess which one).  What I didn't like before that was having to stuff gauze where it was bleeding. At least I didn't gag it up this time.

Now the story I just mentioned above has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Christmas of course. So let's get back to the that.

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching a Christmas movie, "The Polar Express", and did I mention how much I LOVE the credit song? It's even on my playlist. Josh Groban has such an amazing voice. No one can sing "Believe" better than him.

Have some of you been wanting to see my family's Christmas tree? Well wait no more, for here it is!

Not very good lighting, I know. But I took it with my webcam so that's to be expected. And now you know what I mean by HUGE. I'm shocked we even had enough ornaments.

So........I guess that is it. I've ran out of things to say honestly. I'll leave you with this:

~The Authoress

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Me from summer of 2009

(If you wonder why I am wearing a dress, that was taken right before church)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deck the Halls!

I honestly wanted to make a post yesterday, but things got jammed up and I didn't have time. So sorry...again.

So I have a lot to say, and no idea how to begin saying. Let me see....oh yeah! My family has finally got our beautiful Christmas tree set up in the living room. Now normally, we always have no problem setting it up and decorating. But this year, oh goodness, this year it was different. See, my dad bought this HUGE tree, and my sibs and I had to haul it inside. But that thing was so heavy! I felt like collapsing only after ten minutes of holding it, and that's not new to me, since I'm not a heavy lifter. Anyways, after like an HOUR OR SO we finally got it set up but had to wait til' the next day to decorate. And if that wasn't enough, a couple of days after decorating...the tree collapsed twice! I was half tempted to yell "Timber" but no one else would have been laughing. To make a long story short, yes, it is stable now.

I can't believe it is almost Christmas! I am so so so so so excited! I'm pysched! I'm ecstatic! Can I go on about how thrilled I am?


I'll be serious. Me parents have already done Christmas shopping, and are being very very secretive. Now I know what they are getting my brother, but since the dear boy is on Blogger, and will be reading this blog later, I'll be a good little girl and not spill the beans. Still have no idea what they are getting me. I'm all ears, trying to figure it out. But I'm frankly scared, because sometimes people end up getting me things I don't bother with later. At the same time, I'm still expecting something great.

Hey, did I mention my family went to the town Christmas parade today? Obviously not. So anyways, we had a quick breakfast of donuts and then waited in our cold van til' it was a few minutes away from the parade starting. When it did.....ugh I'm surpised I didn't lose my hearing. YES ALL THOSE LOUD FIRETRUCKS! I plugged my ears until they were gone but only uncovered them when candy was being thrown. Rolly 2

The parade was completely awesome, except I'm still not convinced of who clowns really are. One tried to make me hug him, but I shook my head as to say I wasn't sold on it. Wouldn't he ought to know, if I were hiding, I was scared of clowns. I embarrass myself alot. I'm thirteen and I'm still scared of clowns. What is it about them that I don't like? I feel sorry for that clown though, he looked kind of disappointed.

Anywho, I'll tell you my favorite part of the parade. The marching band! They were playing this year! Last year they didn't, because it was too wet and cold. But alas, they did it this time since z weather was nice. I also liked all the floats and old cars that drove by. Just your typical small town parade, not much to brag about.

Ok, I think I'm done here. See you all on Monday guys!

~The Authoress