Monday, November 7, 2011

Trust me, I have my reasons....

To those who have been annoyed at my post lack, I am truely sorry. But as my title said, I have my reasons. You'll know when I tell you what has been going on with my silly life.

Last week my little sis caught a cold and recovered on Friday, then I started to get a stuffy and runny nose that evening, the same symptons of what my sis had. So I said to myself, "It's just allergies you'll get over it.". Oh but I was wrong. The next morning on Saturday I woke up and felt so disgusting all over! My nose was superly-stuffed and my throat felt like a cat was hanging onto it with it's claws out. I stayed in bed for half the morning, got out later, watched an old episode of Doctor Who on our instant streaming Netflix thing, and munched on french fries which my mother(the dear sweet lady she is) bought me.

So with things going good, I expected to be better on Sunday. Right? Wrong! I felt just as icky so I had to stay home from church with only that pyscho cat Max to keep me company. I wasn't that feeble you know, I was able to get up and make myself some toast to eat. I watched a movie and tried to get some sleep, but that failed, and I can't say I didn't try. I tried once that morning after I woke up and twice that afternoon. And I tend to be a wee bit spoiled when I am sickly. Yeah I sent my momzy on a wild goose chase for a chocolate milk shake. She is such a sweet lady, did I mention that?

And now my friends, I am happy to say I feel splendid now. Except for my nose, I am fine. But now my older sister is suffering from my inflicted cold. Sorry! I didn't really mean to. But I don't want to stay sick forever. We're getting Christmas photos done this week!

Yes we are getting them this week did I mention that as well?

**gets blank looks**

That's what I thought. See, we always go to the chiropractor the second Friday of the month, so this is a golden oppurtunity. Why is such a big deal of getting photos done in the studio? Well for the past two years my family wasn't able to afford it, so we had to do the photos at home. But now we are ok, so we can afford to get it done now and I am excited! I already picked the dress I'm going to wear, it matches my earrings perfectly. My mom always sends pictures to friends and relatives, so I'm gonna play a little trick on them. I'm going to style my hair to where my ears will be showing and see if anybody can guess if they are clip-ons and pierced(just between you and me, I'll tell you! They're clip-ons, tee hee).

Now I won't bore you with school. That subject is not on my agenda, except I will tell you I am anxious for Thanksgiving break to hurry up and get here.

So...........I think that's it. I'm going to like, go work on my stories or something now.

~The Authoress


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