Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life as I Know It

So so, to begin my happy post, we got our Christmas photos done last week. And this time, my parents were in them. It's been years since they were last in a photo and now they were freaking out of how old they were. So just to be a nice daughter, I'll skip the pics of my parents to relieve them. I might still put the ones of me and my sibs, we are more interesting to look at, lol. They are already available to view online but we haven't got the printed ones out that we usually put in Christmas cards, so yeah, we'll have those in...I don't know. A couple of weeks? One week?

School is............................nevermind. I can't find a word. Math, my mom explains the lessons to me and I do them. Easy for pre-Algebra actually. Started a new Science pace, which I believe is more weather and wind current stuff. Language Arts...I am so glad this is my last year in Spelling. Next year, I think I'll be doing the Lord of the Rings study guide my sister got at the homeschool conference a few months back. Yes people, a whole stand of LOTR! Books and study guide alike! And--get this! The people running the stand had a rug poster thingy that had three autographs signed by THREE OF THE CAST MEMBERS. I cannot believe I was actually looking at it. That's one thing to see signatures. But when will I ever meet them?

Ok enough of my squealing. Back on the subject of school. History is still talking about things I already know. I just finished learning(again) on the Revolutionary War and feel like I have the order of events memorized. And my mom said I wasted time watching TV. Anyways, yeah. That's all I have to say about that. And Bible? Bible is teaching me about Christian philosphers and prophets of such. Early Christianity things.

Ok...I think I've pretty much said everything I want. I was going to include my Christmas list in this post but you don't want to stay here forever do you?

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Oh, cool! I've never gotten a Christmas photo before. XD

Math: Ebil. Science? I love Science, but I'm only learning about weather right now. T.T I don't really care about the weather. I like to learn about space and how things explode!! lol

I hate History. I still, to this day, don't know WHY we need to learn about dead people!! lol

OMIGOSH, LOTR?! SO awesome! =DDDD I wonder who the autographs were from!

I prefer learning about the Bible than anything else. It's actually the most important. ;P



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