Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello Hurricane

My family has been keeping a keen eye on the Hurricane which they call Irene. I'm praying for those on the coastline that they may have sense enough to evacuate.

So we have been prepping. My mom was unable to find the right sized batteries so she got chocolate instead. I NEED chocolate to keep my sanity. Anyways, we have cannned foods, flashlights, and all the things we need. It is already getting windy outside and dark and cloudy. The last time we had a hurricane here was years ago. So yeah I'm a little nervous. I don't want the power to go out.

Sorry for the lack of posts. School has been keeping me busy as has reading. I finally got to check out "The Blue Enchantress"! Well actually my mom did, for me that is. It looks quite interesting as the first one so I shall not delay in reading it. But school...ugh. I started French. Am doing ok in History. Ok in Math. Ok in Bible. But Language Arts is not proving to be easy. Oh well, at least this is my last year in spelling.

Well, not much else to talk about.

~The Authoress


Angel said...

Glad to hear all is going ell your way! Stay safe in the storm. And you're taking French this year? That's awesome! I took it when I was 14 and LOVED it! :D So mch that I've been studying it again. :)

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your chocolate! :D

Sarah Demens said...

Ah, yeah, school happens to suck alot of our time right out. X3
I miss many of my friends because of school. It ain't cool..

Hurricane Irene should be getting weaker once it hits us, hopefully. New York and above will get it easy. >_>

As for chocolate. Yes. Sugar keeps you and I both sane. Thank goodness.
Once night strikes, I turn into a monster. XD If there is no sugar in me by then, that is. haha

Ah, spelling's the easiest on the map. History and math? *HISSS!!* Hate 'em with a passion. XD lolz

Love ya, buddy!

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