Monday, August 22, 2011

If you can read this, it means I'm alive

The lack of posts has been due to school. I promise to try and post as often as I can!

I watched a little of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie last night before my dad changed the channel to the Cardinals ball game. I daresay pirates are much more interesting than sports. And I just realized I may be the only person in the universe who hasn't seen the fourth POTC yet!!! I'm just as an avid fan of POTC as I am of LOTR. I love both equally. I'm crazy. Oh yeah, and I found out that they are making yet another POTC! They should totally bring Will and Elizabeth back. Some of the girls at camp agreed with me, saying that Jack Sparrow is not much of an actor. I partially disagree with that.

I also found something else of my favorite actors, Ben Barnes whom you all may know as Prince Caspian, celebrated his 30th b-day a couple of days ago. I cannot believe it. He is like the second guy I like that is too old for me. Don't make me admit I have a crush on him. Or did I just do that...

Life has been slow for me. With school and all. History is talking about stuff I already learned before! How could they do that to me, I'm not a fourth grader! Anyways, school has been pretty good so far. But alas, I fear I already think I have been doing it for a year, but it's only been last week and today.  Math isn't as bad as I thought. The word "Pre-Algebra" scares me to death, but it's actually easy. As for all my other subjects, I haven't tore my hair out yet. And I busted the headphones that came with my Rosetta Stone French. Yikes.

I may be working on my stories later. And have I got a new idea. Don't give me that look Mom. I know it. Anyways, I had these really great ideas for a mystery novel. I want my main character's name to be Amy Parker, but then again I am also considering the name Addison. So I am having a poll, you tell me. Should her name be Amy Parker or Addison Parker?

Well, lunch is calling me. I shall go fix a grilled cheese and come back out to watch Veggie Tales.



Sarah Demens said...

You, copycat. ;) lol Yeah, you're alive. Goodie. XD

Pft, Potc is sooo way better than sports! And honey? You're not alone. I didn't see the fourth Potc yet, either! Will and Elizabeth are good when they don't whine. XD haha Whaaa??? Johnny Depp is one of my FAVORITE actors. He's practically a genius with what he does!

Ah, yes. Ben Barnes is 30. I forgot to tell you. :3
He's kinda cute. Not my exact type, but yeah. XD
Hey, I like a guy who's even older. So you're good. ;) lolz

Uck. History and math are my enemies. And algebra, too!! Me hates them. >=(
Nice. I bust headphones more than I can count. They just can't take my awesomeness. So your headphones? They couldn't contain your ears' power.

Hmm.. I like both..but maybe you SHOULD stick with Amy. I love that name. :)

BAH!! Grilled cheese!! Jealous. ;)


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