Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swift and Quick

I truely feel as if the days are going by as that! I cannot believe tomorrow is September 1st! Already....I can't wait for the cold weather. I'm sorry but fall happens to be a favorite season of mine. As is winter but I like fall better. I like the leaves, pumpkins, and all that fun stuff.

So school...what to say what to say. It's ok I guess. Like I said, Pre-Albera isn't as bad as I thought. It's kiddie stuff compared to what I'm facing next year. And for Science, I am nearly done with my first pace! It has been very interesting so far but I know some of those things. Such as space facts and all. Language Arts is on verbal communication and today I tried my hand(literally!) at sign language. I tried a sentence, like "Hi, my name is ______"(sorry I can't provide my real name), and I'm not quite sure if I did it right, lol. Bible is good, just as always. But History...oh goodness. I wonder when it will get to another favorite time period of mine.

I've been partial to my writing lately. I've just been...lazy about it.

Oh yes! We survived Hurricane Irene! But it was so awful afterwards. See, the power went out during the night it hit and it was still out in the daytime. I nearly didn't make it without TV! And all I had for lunch that day was potato chips and cold milk. Ugh. Praise the good LORD it came back 6:30 in the evening! I celebrated by taking a warm shower and watching TV afterwards. Aaaand I got on my laptop. But my family still can't relax yet. We still have Tropical Storm/Hurricane Katia to watch out for. Yikes!

That's it for me now.

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Glaux, I know what you mean!! Time's just flying by!! Next thing you know, I'll be 18 and driving and working at a theater and going to online college!! lol
I can't wait for my 17th birthday and Christmas!! :)

I love winter!! And fall's my momma's favorite season, too. =D
What I don't like is Halloween..but at least my siblings pass up alot of candy for me to make up for it. X3

I start up school soon! GAH!! I'm dreading it. X[
I am not looking forward to history and math...bummer. :/ At least I'll get smart. Although I probably won't remember half of what I'm taught. My memory is evil. haha!
But yeah, I need to know stuff in order to pass my GED next year. >.<

Hey, I've never read your you post it online? :D

Us, too!! Our power didn't go out, it just flickered a few times, but never went out. The storm tore up a few things..but it's all good. ;)
Geeezzz, we have another one?!? :o Not cool, I tell you, NOT cool!! T_T

Love you, girly!!

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