Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yes I am back from camp! It hardly felt like a week went by...I missed all of you! But now I'm back of course. I don't know where to start, except to say I had really great fun. On the first day I wasn't sure of whether or not I would make any friends. But I instantly became friends with one of my cabin mates, who I did almost everything with. Let me tell you my favorite things that happened last week:

I loved roller skating, swimming, chapel time of course, and tubing. What's tubing you ask? It's this of course, four people hang onto this float-thingy which is attached to a boat, and the boat zooms off on speed. I did that four times! I nearly fell off the last two times. You've really gotta hang on to that if you don't want to fly off. Amongst the other water activities was water skiing and the Sumitt. I did water skiing but was horrible. Each time the boat started to move I fell back. My skiis were too heavy! And the Sumitt was a huge inflatable slide you go down. Really. fast. I did it only two times. Let me say this: Climbing up is scary, but going down is even scarier.

This is my last week of freedom before school starts up once again. My mom is getting me a few study guides AND Rosetta Stone Francais(french). I am pysched about that! But certainly not about the Math...Pre-Algebra...I'm scared.

I've finished "The Red Siren"! It was a great book, I must say I throughly enjoyed but hated how the epilogue ended in suspense! My mom asked me how I liked the book, I replied saying "Get me the second!". Her only reaction was a laugh. I take it that she's going to let me check it out next time we are at the library.

Oh yes, and on Saturday night I watched one of my most favorite Disney movies "Beauty and the Beast". We'd gotten it on DVD from Netflix and it gave me the option of which version I wanted to watch. I almost picked the original theatrical release, but I changed my mind when I saw they had special extended! It was wonderful. Now my dear friends, I leave with you with one of my favorite parts from the movie:

It truely is a tale as old as time.

~The Authoress


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