Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post....what number am I on?

Jump For Joy
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts. I've just been busy, lazy and all that.

The days are getting colder. Alas! I am spending each morning curled up in my covers, refusing to budge! I feel comfy, cozy, and all snuggled. But then something has to come along and drag me out. Such as my mom, dad, a sibling, a pet(yes you heard me correctly) or school. My sis(15) is always up earlier than me because she has more schoolwork than me, and I pity her since she is in the middle of Biology right now. Luckily she wriggled her way out of the dissecting part, she is going to instead watch a video or something. I plan to do that once I'm in 10th grade(which is like, years from now!), see I used to be interested in the Medical profession but the sight of blood and another person's...erm....ugh...well you know. It sickens me. And no way am I going to start by cutting up a dead frog. Sick

Well back to business ok? Ok. So did I mention I have progressed in guitar? Yes indeed! I am getting better at strumming chords aaand writing notes in by myself. Last week at lessons I played "Silent Night" on my teacher's guitar really good. He had my mom come and listen, and then told her I was ready for a new guitar. See I've had my old one don't know! I've outgrown it! I used to be comfortable playing it but I agree with my teacher. Tis' time for a new one.

During the past duration of these days, our oven also decided to fizz out on us. See two weeks ago we were trying to cook pizza in the oven and everytime the the timer went off, the pizzas were still cold. So after several attempts we gave up and had to use the microwave. Since then my family has had to get creative with meal plans. We have had spaghetti but something was missing. No garlic bread! It just wasn't the same. And I am not seriously fond of crockpot meals, which my mom has been fixing for supper lately. So I'm praying our oven gets fixed and soon! I am suffering from a garlic bread, oven-baked pizza, chicken nugget, chicken patty, and chocolate cake withdrawl. This girl loves that stuff!

Let's see I've talked alot haven't I? I'm trying to figure out what to say about school. When I saw what was for Math this week, I freaked out. But it turned out to be easy so again I made a fool of fine. Just talking about clouds and the atmosphere, which is sometimes, honestly, too hard to focus on when you've got something else on mind. And I know my clouds! Nimbus, stratus, cirrus, I missing any? History is finishing up on the Revolutionary War which I also am smart of, thanks to a certain kids show named Liberty's Kids. Bible is talking about apologists and all that stuff.

I believe I have an obsession with a series of games called Sims 3. Upon the whereabouts of seeing these games continually in Super Wal-Mart, I have began to grow curious of what they were like. It turns out the other ones are expansion pacts like the newest one, Pets. I have continually told my mom I want one of those games. Another thing to add to my Christmas list.

And did I mention my Christmas list is growing? Yes quite so! But I shan't tell you it yet, that post, my dear, is saved for another day.

Let's see...I think I've covered everything. Oh wait, there is one more thing! A song! I cannot leave you without a song! And today's selection is "Part of your World" from The Little Mermaid!

Stay true!

~The Authoress~


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