Friday, October 7, 2011

Posting....without a title

I fear my mind is running dry on titles. That is the best(or should I say, worst) I could come up with.

I've been gone almost all day, well it's the afternoon, so I've been gone all morning. Why? I had a doctor's appointment. I do not like doctor appointments. Well actually it was for me and my little sis. I got a clear bill of health. And one thing I don't like about doctor appointments...the finger prick. Blood. My own innocent blood. Oh the humanity! Nevermind. Anyways, some tuffs of the cotton was sticking out from up and down the band-aid, which I couldn't resist this oppurtunity to make a joke. I wiggled that finger in front of my mom and sister and said "Hello I'm the Professor". And my mom asked me what I was doing. I just pointed out to her how the cotton looked like tuffs of wild white hair from between the band-aid, like a professor.

Onto majorness...I also had to get a shot while there. Spare this poor girl a shot people! I already got a flu one. Sheesh. Anyways, I wasn't even looking before they did it. The room I got in was painted all Lion King, which made me feel comfortable, so I just looked at the wall while my arm waited. And it stung! My mouth just gaped open. I didn't scream or anything. I just got shocked. I think I can survive shots now.

Of course I got to do some reading in the waiting room, did I fail to mention that? See I'm on a week-from-tomorrow deadline to get "The Blue Enchantress" finished, because it's due then. I'm already in the middle of the seventeenth chapter so only...*counts on fingers* maybe a few left. For the second book in the Charles Towne Belle series, I truely am enjoying this one. And when I read a book, I never fail to find a similarity between me and the main character. It happens every time. And I like doing that. After I'm finished with this book, I 'll start "The Raven Saint", the last book in the series. Then when I'm done with that I'll change the pace of historical-fiction to fantasy/medieval, aka Kingdom Series.  Then back to historical-fiction, because M.L. Tyndall(the author of the book I'm currently reading) has released yet another book to yet another series I have yet to read.

We stopped at a McDonalds on the way home, which, was by the way, crowded! I got a McDouble and fries, and a tasty Hi-C to drink. I love Hi-C. Did I also mention I got a large cup? Yeppers.

No more talking. I've talked ya'alls ears off.

~The Authoress


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