Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picture Post!

Today is a picture post of my toys! Yes, go ahead and say it. I'm 13 but I still play with dollies. I'm still posting them thoough!

Those aren't toys, those are my clip-on earrings I got during day camp. They look very pretty no?

Above are my darling webkinz, Pat(the cocker spaniel) and Lucy(the white terrier). I've had Pat since...um..May of 2009. He was a gift from my grandma. And Lucy, well I got her with my own money to save my account. Anyways, they are both very cute and I love collecting toy animals.

Oh yes, which brings me to my favorite animal. My old pal Clifty whom I have had since I was three, he was a gift from someone at church. He was there for me during the tough times as a toddler. I cuddled him when I had nightmares. He was my best friend. I named him after Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Above you an see my lovely(yet blurry) collection of Barbies. Here are each them in better photos:

This is Liana. She was actually my second Barbie doll, you see I used to have Mariposa but she had a tragic accident. I got Liana for my 11th birthday in 2009, and she actually is a princess from Diamond Castle. But I misplaced her gown so I just put this awesome outfit on her. Her hair is always mess so it's always in a ponytail. So um yeah.

My next doll is Rapunzel. Yes she has her gown, I have not misplaced it, my little sis has it on one of her Barbies. She was my third doll. I got her for Christmas of 2009. She is wearing a cute dress that came on one of my sister's dolls. Rapunzel is one of the prettiest Barbies and well I can't very well remember the reason why I wanted her. Maybe it was the hair...

Next is the lovely Miss Merliah Summers from Barbie in a Mermaid Tale! I really wanted her because her surfer outfit can change into a mermaid tale and I can take her into the swimming pool with me. Her hair even has pink highlights and is currently in a ponytail. I like the movie as much as the doll, so yeah.

My last doll is Ellen Hopkins. She really didn't have a name til' I got her. I bought her with Christmas money from my grandma. Ellen is special to me because she's the first Barbie I ever bought myself. And she came with two great outfits. I LOVE the shoes.

So I guess those are all my dolls and animals. They are truely special to me in all ways. Oh one more thing before I depart, I'd like to wish my parents a happy anniversary!

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Oh, gosh. X] Then I have pretty much alot more childish belongings...those were only SOME of the favorites of my stuffed animal collection. haha

Your collection is fantastic! =D
I totally named one of my animals after Clifford, too! I guess all of us do that. =P

Looovvveee the pictures, girly! ♥
Oh and Happy A-versary to your parents! ^^

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