Friday, July 1, 2011

E is for Excited

Hi hi hi hi! Have I got a post to make? Why yes yes yes, I do. And I think I am playing the threes game.

Day camp is done. Wah. But I had a great time. And guess what? I've got some awesome clip-on earrings now! I even made a couple of pairs. Hey it's not that hard. It just takes a little while before you get it. I could even sometime give you gals a step-by-step process. But not now! I'd rather have pictures.

Well my day has been good so far. I had a delicious strawberry poptart for breakfast but yet again it insisted on popping out of the toaster RIGHT after I sat down on a comfy chair. But it's all worth it. I get milk and poptart for breakfast.

I've been on the computer mostly all day. On Shelfari, Goodreads, Homeschoolblogger, Youtube and now this. I shall be reading a few more chapters of "The Red Siren" later. But I feel upset, for yesterday a live online chat was going on with one of my favorite authors and I missed it! But hey, she's on Goodreads so I get to talk to her there. Awesome right? It still wouldn't be as fun as meeting them face to face though.

Later on at lunchtime, I laid things out for my grilled cheese sandwich, when suddenly a random song popped in my head and I started doing a jig, like this:

Of course, my serious sensible younger sister said I looked goofy. Man she needs to loosen up's ok to be a nut. I've been an insane dreamer my entire life. Anyways, my mom asked me what I was doing, so I said "Oh just dancing Mom!" and she was like "To what tune?". Yeah my mom is always doing that. I just told her it was some random tune I heard on the radio and started dancing again. Don't get me wrong, that is not the only time I've done that.

After lunch(or while I ate it), I brought up the instant Netflix system on the tv and watched an episode of my favorite cartoon "All Grown Up" which was shown on Netflix some years ago. It's a sequel to another show I like, I'll explain later.

Onto entertainment purposes, have ya'all heard about the new Disney movie coming out in 2012?

Eeeeee it looks so awesome! I so want to see this when it comes out. Do you not know the story plot? Well here it is:

Set in Scotland in a rugged and mythical time, "Brave" features Merida, an aspiring archer and impetuous daughter of royalty. Merida makes a reckless choice that unleashes unintended peril and forces her to spring into action to set things right.
(Source: IMDB)

It sounds awesome as well! I can tell it's going to be a great movie.

Right now I am watching Return of the King(third in LOTR trilogy). And one of their stars is celebrating her thirty-fourth birthday! Give up?
Yes, it is Arwen! Or Liv Tyler, which is her real name. I do remind you once again, she has turned 34! But she is looking as gorgeous as ever. Happy birthday Arwen/Liv!

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Yay! Glad you had a great time! :)

All Grown Up is a sweet show! I love the Rugrats. ;) Used to watch it alll the time when I was little.

OoO *GASP* *POINT* That looks cool!!!

Oh, yay! Happy B-Day, LIV! XD Wow, can't believe she's 34 already!! GEEZ! XP


Blessed Homeschool said...

Actually, dear daughter, you don't need any music since you have a tendency to make up your own tunes in your head, lol!


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