Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The post without a title

My mind is in a fog right now, for all I am is tired.

My younger sis headed off to camp yesterday. I'm trying to picture what she is doing right now. Usually with her in the house it's kinda noisy. My ears are still trying to get used to the quiet, lol. But I miss her already and it's only been one day. But there's one thing I don't miss about her and that's her bad habit of humming random tunes all the time.

We went to the fireworks last night. But it was only me, my mom, and my older sister. My dad stayed home for some reason, my brother had to go to work(he was bummed out over that), and my younger sister was at camp.

We left at 7:30, for the fireworks started by 9:00 and we thought we could there on time. But we didn't actually. My mom accidentally went the wrong way and we got all turned around. Well finally we got there but guess what? THERE WAS NO PARKING SPACE IN SIGHT! I'm serious because I felt like crying, because while we were driving around we heard several booms and knew the fireworks had started. To make a long story short, we finally found a parking space and got to see the rest of the fireworks. I wasn't so upset then, because it's been like three years since I've actually gotten to see huge fireworks.

I'm alone right now, for my little buddy(I mentioned already) is at camp, my older sister is at hospital volunteering, and my brother...well he's kind of asleep. It's just me and the old cat Max, but he's no fun because all he does is sleep and eat. That beats him trying to claw my foot off a few nights ago. Word of advice: Never walk barefoot in front of a hyperactive cat.

Ok  I'm wide awake now....but my mind isn't. I need to go listen some music or something.

~The Authoress


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