Monday, July 18, 2011

Days of Summer

If there is one thing I don't like about summer, tis' the heat. I did not say I enjoyed it, no, it is the no school time I enjoy. My favorite seasons are actually fall and spring. Not too hot and not too cold. But no, summer is too hot. I can hear my socks, sweaters and long sleeve shirts calling for me...I want some chilliness in the air.

Things have been moving at different paces so don't expect me to post alot. I've got things to do....oh well.

This is the list of fun things I've done so far this summer:

1. Jewlery and Cooking day camp
2. Ball game
3. 4-H
4. Tea party

And I still have to:

1. Go to summer camp.

Yes! I shall be departing for camp in a couple of weeks. No it is not another day camp, it's overnight. I'm extremely nervous but I have my older siblings coming with me for moral support. So anyways, my mom is taking us shopping for supplies this week maybe.

I'm already making plans for school...I have asked my mom to get a couple of study guides for literature in Language Arts, such as "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Witch of Blackbird Pond". I have only seen the movie for the Narnia book and I only got half way through "Witch of Blackbird Pond"(I had to give it back to the library). Let's see how good I can do in for Math this year I have Pre-algebra, which is said to be easy. I think not. Math is hard.

I have no idea what I shall be doing for Science, certainly not Biology however. I admit it: I am not the girl who likes to get her hands slimy. In other words, it's the dissecting that creeps me out. You will just have to get me a gas mask if I'm doing that. But thank the LORD I'm not doing Biology this year. My older sister is however, we'll just see how that goes.

I really don't have much to update younger sister gets her stitches out on Friday(yay for her!), my brother has basketball day camp this week, and I'm stuck at home. That gives me plenty of time to read though!

Before I go, I'd like to share part one of one of my favorite episodes from The Waltons: "The Foundling".

~The Authoress


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