Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Books and Tea

Yesterday my sisters and I went to a tea party hosted by one of our friends(Angel at http://shycountrygal.blogspot.com/). I had quite a lovely time. We played a couple of games, including Poor Pussycat and Pass the Teapot, both quite fun. Especially the teapot game, I laughed so hard I had to sit down. You see the whole jist of the game is that someone has to stand in the middle with their eyes closed while everyone else passes a little teapot around. When the person opens their eyes they have to guess who has the teapot. I was the culprit a couple of times. And if that person has it, it's their turn to be in the middle.

The treats at teatime were delicious(I especially loved the lemon bars). I've never actually tried warm tea before, but I must say for trying it the first time ever it tasted good. I must convince my mom to make some at home sometime.

I must say that afternoon passed rather quickly. We did get some pictures however, if you would like to see them, feel welcome to visit Angel's blog to take a look. And you'll see me in a few, just look for the girl wearing a pink dress and hair ribbon. Oh wait I'll share a picture right now:

I'm the taller girl wearing the pink dress(of course) and the girl in orange is my older sis.

Before we left, one of my other friends who was there let me borrow one of her books. It's called "Lady Carliss and the Waters if Moorue", book four in the Knights of Arrethrae series by Chuck Black(same guy who wrote Kingdom Series).  I do say I am throughly enjoying it. No I have not read the first three books, I'll get around to that another time.  Expect to see a review of this book once I have finished it. I can guarrantee you, it will be lengthy and high.

I must be running along now, fare thee well till tomorrow or whenever.

~The Authoress


Angel said...

Glad to hear you had a great time! You were such a joy to have over. :)

And TAG! You're it! Come on over to me blog to check it out! :D

Have a wonderful day!

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