Monday, September 26, 2011

Well it's about time....

I am so so sorry for the lack of posts in a week! I've just been incredibly lazy lately and at the same time busy with school. I'm just bored so...blah.

Seriously, a cloud has been hanging over my home for a few days. The weather is disgusting(aka warm, I hate warm weather actually) so it doesn't match. Hello! This is supposed to be Fall folks!!!!!!! I want leaves, I want wind, I want Thanksgiving. It's so happifull.

Science, Language Arts, Bible, History and Math....the dreaded subjects of school. I'm finding the grammar highly annoying. Spelling, ok. But NOT GRAMMAR. Like "label this word as a noun" or so so so. Science, well I just started a new pace on oceanography(which I'm sure I didn't spell right), which might be up my alley since I love getting wet. The recent pace was on rocks. Who wants to know about rocks? Anyways, Bible is on the subject of salvation, and how you can have assurance you are saved. And History? It's on the early colonies! My other favorite time period! Like I learned about the fouding of such places as Jamestown. I told my mom, the next time we visit the state of Virginia, I want to go to Jamestown. It would be fun to look at those models of ships.

I need to go shopping again. Why? My family is getting Christmas photos done at a JcPenney's this year, which is like, months from now and you know me, I can't find a thing to wear in them this time. So I begged my mom that I want to go find a Christmasy dress for the photos. We will be going shopping sometime at the local thrift store in town. Did I mention that? I got a really cute skirt there! Here's a pic!

Well it's at least half of it, and me! So isn't it an adorable pattern? It was really cheap so I think I got a good deal.

So...I'm just being a little random. For my life has been naught but boring. That's me. I want adventure...oh wait I'd better stop before I start singing the reprise of "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast". Speaking of that, it's a movie I'm totally putting on my Christmas wishlist. It's the best film Disney ever made.

Well if I have bored or entertained you with my random babblings, I shall depart now. Oh and speaking of Disney...

I know it's not the reprise but hey, I love this song.

~The Authoress


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