Friday, September 16, 2011

How's the weather up there?

Getting colder each day. I can go ahead and wave goodbye to summer because the chilliness of my favorite season is almost here. How can I tell? It was cold in my room today, I didn't get up early because my bed was too warm and cozy. I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt right now but believe me I am still barefoot. And momzy thinks I'm crazy.

Been busy this week. The most awful thing happened on Wednesday. No I didn't face a sea monster but I might as well have. It was....a flu shot. My parents were so cruel as to make me get one. They had to literally drag me out the door. Because....well....let me admit that I am still terrified by needles. Ever since my first shot I've been scared. Really scared. But it wasn't as bad as I thought, it only felt like a bee sting. And now I'm not as proned to getting sick anymore. I was still shaking afterwards however, I'm still scared of needles.

Today my family went to a Sam's Club store and got lots of things. And when we first walked inside, you know the row of TV's they've got sitting out? Well they were showing the trailer for the new "Three Musketeers" movie. And guess who is playing the Duke of Buckingham? You may remember him as Legolas or Will Turner. Yes! Orlando Bloom! And since my younger sister likes him, I couldn't resist the moment to tease her. She got mad at me.

So anyways, knowing what a superhero freak my dad is, I was browsing through the movies and found Thor. Of course we bought it, or should I say, my dad bought it. I did see a movie of my favorite, "Beauty and the Beast", I wanted to get that but we didn't, wah. We did get two pizzas however, along with breadsticks and cookies that came with the box. Yum...and I smell pizza cooking in the oven. I'm really hungry now.

I've started a prayer journal. It's sort of something for school my mom made me do but I find it helpful. I've wrote down a few prayer requests already and some praises. I'm hoping that doing this, along with my devotions and Bible reading, it will help me become more devoted to the LORD and be a better Christian.

Mom just said the pizza is done. So I've got to run along now, sorry for the short post.

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Oh, yay!! Pizzaaaaa!!! You got me started! X3

I've never been afraid of needles.. people wanna smack me blind because I'm so fearless and just sit there, all calmly, whenever a needle is being stuck into me. It's scary, actually. ;D

OH I KNOW. I wanna see Three Musketeers!! =D It looks real good!!

That prayer thing sounds real cool. ;) I have a book of scriptures. Anything related to God will make ya a better Christian.
Nice idea, BP!!

Love ya!

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