Saturday, June 11, 2011

The world is a jungle...a jungle with people

I am bouncy bouncy. I just got back from the family reunion on my mom's side of the family. It was alot of fun. And I brought a yummy homemade treat I made myself. When we got there I was standing next to a table and someone came up to me and thought I was my mom(height, hello i'm quite tall for my age and my mom is short). I turned and was like Huh? 2 and the person said "Oh you're not her!" And then I was like "Yeah you think so? She's over there, the lady in the plaid shirt." I didn't say that. I just shook my head and told the person where my mom was. Aaand while everything was getting set up still, another person mistook me for my mom again. Sheesh people gimme a break. From the back of me yes I look like my mom, but my older sister is the one who inherited the shortness. Some people have mistaken me for the older one, lol.

Soon enough all z wonderful food had been set up and everyone started to get their food, some of it was fried chicken, biscuits, all that stuff. Well I made a mistake. There were two types of chicken you see: One from Smithfields, and the other from Bojangles. Difference? The Bojangles chicken was spicy, I don't take too kindly to spicy food. But I didn't know it was spicy, so I grabbed a piece of it. And as soon as I bit into it, as soon as that spiciness tingled my tongue, I went:

Ok so not literally. BUT I HATE SPICY FOOD. As you can guess I did not have the rest of the chicken. I gave it to my younger sister(hey she wanted it).

Later on I went outside, swung a little bit, got too warm, came back in and got some water to drink. They had a talent showcase and my older sister played her recital piece on the piano. Before that, one of my mom's relatives came over and showed us some old reunion pictures from some years back. And I saw a few with a very cute little girl in them. Who was that little girl in the photograph? Me. Yes it was me. I wish I could show you the pictures. I was so cute.

One picture I found very adorable: Me and my younger sister. She was a baby then. And she was the best little sister ever back then. I'm not saying she is bad now, I'm just realizing how much me, my siblings, my parents and I have changed since then. And I'm thirteen now. It makes me cry to think about it. Yes I am very happy to be a teen, but at the same time I miss the old days. Don't you?

So anyways, after the talent showcase they had a game. The jist was: Pull a card with someone's name and see how much you know. I got my older sister's name so I wrote plenty about her on the back of it. It was a great game. And a great way to have fun with relatives. It hardly feels like a year. To me...yeah.

So after that, my family and I got our stuff, and we went. Me and my younger sister goofed off in the backseat of our van on the way home, which sometimes my older siblings. They can be mean when they want to, aren't all older siblings like that? Anyways when we got home my dog was thrilled to see me. I mean the weather has gotten hot and all.

I immediately kicked my shoes off and I typed out this entry which you see now. I might work on my stories later, but right now I feel like having pizza. Rolly 2

Catch ya later!

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Aww, great post!! :D
I'm gonna comment on the others here, shortly. hehe

Glad you had a good time, BP!
My family reunion should be sometime this September or something since my nephew/niece is going to be born around that time. :) I love family reunions!!

lol! Sorry you had spicy chicken. XD I'm not too big on spicy things, either, but I do love different kinds of spices that are not mild or anything, but give a great flavor, like my dad's burgers. ;) They are truly amazing.

Lucky you! I'm very short, but at least I'm getting a little taller than my mom. X]

UGH, the hot weather is terrible! Terrible, I tell you! It needs to go away. >=/
And so do the thunder storms. hehe

And boo! :o I want pizza...


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