Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The title pretty much describes how things have been going this week(it's only been a few days).

I've been going to day camp this week....though it's hardly full, for there is only me and another girl. But it's still fun. Cooking and jewlery making, that's what has been going on. And I have discovered my talent is making jewlery, for I made a beautiful necklace with some pearly-looking beads today. I'll try to get a picture up soon, with z gorgeously stunning ME modeling it. Oh I also made another necklace, but I haven't put the thing-a-ma-jig on it yet, which I shall be doing shortly.

Last night my family and I went to a baseball game. No, no-one in my family is playing baseball currently, it was in a stadium. No it wasn't major league either, it was a local baseball team in another town. And I find myself saying this: I had a wonderful time. Now everyone in my family knows I don't fancy sports, but I think my interest in baseball has sparked again. Now let me tell you about the game.

It was a one-hour drive to the stadium. After we arrived we handed in our tickets, got our seats and then went to get our snacks. I got a box full of buttery popcorn and a cup of fruit punch for starters. The weather was kind of rainy, so I was afraid they would cancel the game. Thankfully they did not. The game started without a problem. What was funny was that several times one of the players hit the ball the other way and sent it flying over the stadium, and two times they(the people broadcasting) played a car horn beeping and a window breaking on the loudspeakers(nothing really got broken it was just for show).  One time during the game, they played the sound of a calvary horn over the loudspeakers, and, knowing me I could not resist the moment. Yes, you guessed it. Me and several other people yelled "CHARGE!", and my younger sister thought I embarrassed her. Me? I would never do that.

During the game I told my mom I needed to go to the bathroom(yes even at thirteen I still do) so we went, afterwards she took me to get another snack. Hey give me a break, I was still(always) hungry.  I got a cup of Oreo-cookie ice cream, HUGE scoops of it. It was three dollars but I believe I got my money's worth. It was delicious. :D

The game lasted for I-don't-know how many hours until it was tied up. But the opposing team scored something, so I think they won. Anyways, it was a total of 11 innings. To make a long story short my family left and drove home. I got to bed really late and am still a wee bit tired.

Today I still had day camp, that was when I made the necklace I was talking about earlier. Before that was the cooking, and guess what? I made a salad! But I had to wear plastic gloves and an apron to do so. And I found out I hate plastic gloves. Anyways, I got to chop up the ingredients on the little board I was given and then toss them on the plate. It turned out great. The best part was, I got to eat the salad afterwards! Sadly it was too much of a salad and I couldn't finish it.

Well, I need to be running along now. I shall leave you with a video. A hilarious video I was introduced to a few years ago. A hilarious song titled "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard".

Namariel mellons! (Elvish for "Goodbye friends!")

~The Authoress


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