Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Around and around 'round the world spins...

Voila! I am z evil mistress of blog post titles. Bwahahahaa. Ok, cut! That's enough with the acting. *face palm*

Today's been kinda slow. I woke up sort of all sweaty-like and had a headache in the back of my head which lasted all morning kinda. So I mainly spent half the morning eating breakfast, watching tv, hanging out online on my new laptop I got yesterday. Oh yeah did I mention my laptop? Obviously not. It was supposed to be here on my birthday last week but somehow the address-thingy got all confused-hooey-duey and so therefore me laptop did not get here until yesterday. Which my dad says it is a belated birthday present. I'll take his word for it. :D

I am currently reading "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, one of those old novels. You see I got a boxed set of three complete novels by Jane Austen at a book fair. Book fair you ask? When did I go to that? A couple of weeks ago. My family went to a homeschool conference. Yes I spent the days leading up to my brother's graduation at a book fair.

And I found all sorts of delightful books. I was literally in heaven. Let's see now, I believe along with the Jane Austen novels, I also got "Eight Cousins" by Louisa May Alcott, a book about the missionary Gladys Alyward, "I Walk in Dread" which is a Dear America novel, something else, and "Eve of the Emperor Penguin", a Magic Treehouse book. Those are the ones I got the first day we were there. The next day is when I got the Jane Austen novels. My mom(the kind sweet lady she is) got me and my sisters a book called "Before you Meet Prince Charming" by Sarah Mally. Prince Charming? What has gotten into me, have I forgotten I am still looking for him? I've got to resume my search goodbye. *dashes off*

*comes back*
Phew. Ok that is not what the book is about. It tells girls everything they need to find the right guy. Also, in the book they have several little stories telling about a princess who is waiting for her prince. Hmm reminds me of someone? I just can't picture who.

Anyways yeah, the book fair and conference were fun. And my brother graduated! High school that is. And that was weeks ago, but I can still play the whole ceremony in my mind. I told my mom(since the parents give out the diplomas ON STAGE) I'd try to get a picture of her, my dad, and brother. I did, but it came out sorta fuzzy.  *face palms* It wasn't that bad come to think of it though.

On to more recent stuff...right now I am hearing my dad's voice coming from the living room and my dog drinking water. Lameo.

See you all later! I've gotta go.

~The Authoress


Anonymous said...

Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favorite books! I hope you enjoy it! ^_^ I warn you; it's quite wordy!

Sarah Demens said...

Another great post! ;)
Ooh, I've never read any of those old novels, probably cuz I'm not that sweet natured and appreciative of lady-like things. I'm more of an Emily the Strange type of girl. X]

Congrats to your bro! And I hate it when pics do that. :P Dang cameras. haha


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