Thursday, June 23, 2011

What a mouthful...

I think I will deem myself the mistress of random titles!

Things have been busy this week. My older sister has been volunteering at the local hospital, my younger sister is on her last day of day camp and will be going to overnight camp in a couple of weeks. My older brother...what can I say. He's been on his computer non-stop. Obsessed you might say, but I don't think I'm that bad.

I'm still reading "The Red Siren". Although I haven't gotten that far, I already feel comfortable with most of the characters. But with the book taking place in the early days of America, and some of the characters being from England, it's hard to understand the words like "Tis", "Indeed", and "Profoundly" and all those other words. It doesn't confuse me like it used to, for they used some of those words in "The Falcon and the Sparrow". Sigh...

This morning I thought I had slept in late and discoverd it was only sort of past 8:30 AM. I guess it's because the weathers been kinda overcast this week. You see there was a forest fire a few towns over and the smoke had drifted into my town. My mom usually lays the laundry out on the deck to dry but a couple of days ago she had to shake ashes out of 'em. And plus I took my dog outside for a walk and it smelled like smoke. Thankfully the weather has cleared up...back to the blazing heat that is....blech.

Anyways I've spent my day reading, watching TV, listening to my playlist, and taking the dogs for walks. How dull for me when my sisters have been busy on their feet. As I have previously mentioned, I was going to volunteer alongside sister(15) at the hospital this year but they refused my applications because I wasn't old enough. Last year the age had been thirteen, and I wasn't old enough then. I turned thirteen this year and applyed to volunteer. But they had boosted the age range up to fourteen. I was upset. But it showed me that perhaps the LORD has another plans for me, which I don't know what. I'm just praying and making it through one day at a time.

I've been begging my mom to take us to the beach, for lately I have felt the urge to go down to sea again...she said we'll try and make time. But when????? I need to feel the breeze in my hair, the sand between my toes, I need to hear the sound of the waves lapping against shore.

Well I need to end my entry now, I'm getting a hand cramp. So I shall be kind enough to leave you with this goofy picture of misbehaving princesses:
(I told them to hold still but they just wouldn't listen! Aurora let go of Alice! Snow White stop picking your nose and Ariel stop pretending to have glasses. Oh and Cinderella...nevermind.)

~The Authoress


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