Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things that go BUMP in the summer...

I just got back from a blueberry festival, so if you saw my Yahoo avatar in a fair sort-of.  It took my mom awhile to find a parking space so she dropped me and my siblings off at the festival grounds and went to go park somewhere. Well we headed to the stage, where music was playing. They announced winners of the recipe contest, and Sister(15) and Sister(10) both had entered the youth competition(I don't cook good...yet), placing second and third. I gave an extra big applause to them, since they were my sisters you know(and my mom had found a parking place by then and had came).

After that we went to go get some snacks. I decided to lay off cotton candy, for if I have too much sugar I'll go nuts. So as soon as I saw a sign where they were selling HUGE pretzels, you know what I did. I went over there and got me one. The guy selling them said they were three-dollars, so I reached into my glittery zebra-print wallet and gave him the three. What I didn't notice that along with two of the dollars I had picked up a five-dollar bill out of my wallet instead of a one. But the guy selling the pretzels was completely honest with me and instead of keeping all the money, he told me what had happened and gave me my two dollars back, the five-dollar bill covered the cost of my yummy pretzel. But it was huge, I couldn't finish it, so I gave the rest to my brother later on.

Later on Sister(10) was getting too hot from the heat and said she wanted to go. So we had to leave. But I wasn't too upset, it is supermega hot hot outside. While walking back to the van, I got so desperate to cool off that I poured some of my water onto my head. When I told my siblings and mom, my brother said "Yeah I noticed that."

On the way home, we stopped at McDonalds for lunch. I got a bacon cheesebuger and chocolate none-the-less I think I will go crazy later, lol.

Right now I am relaxing, typing this entry and watching the rest of the first Lord of the Rings movie. So as I conclude this entry, I shall let you...yes, enjoy another Disney movie song, "I Won't Say I'm in Love" from Hercules, which has to be one of my favorite songs.

~The Authoress


Angel said...

Glad to hear you had a great time at the festival! We went first thing this morning, and only stayed for about 3o minutes or so. Funny you're watching LOTR, me and my brother are watching the third right now! :D
Have a wonderful afternoon!
P.S. I LOVE that song! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I love that song. I always feel that way whenever I get a crush on somebody. X]

Sarah Demens said...

Glad you had fun, BP!
I wanna milkshake. XD Maybe next time my parents and I go out, I'll get one.

I love Hercules. :D
But the song, my dear. D: It is not working!

Mmmmmm, pretzels. X]

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