Friday, June 10, 2011

The random far!

Well my day hasn't been very long so far. I got up late this morning to say one thing. You see I normally get up at 8:30 in the morning but when I woke up I saw the time was 9:39. I was like "Oh my goodness I've gotta get moving". Ever had that feeling? Well I have....several times actually...

After I did get up I plopped a strawberry poptart in the toaster and went to go turn on my laptop. It barely started turning on when POP when the toaster. So I went back into the kitchen, flipped the poptart to the other side and went back to my laptop. And I had barely logged into Shelfari when another POP sounded from the kitchen. Dah dee dah my poptart was ready! So I sat my laptop down, went into the kitchen, got my hot poptart out from the toaster and poured myself some milk. You see I drink milk 24/7 literally. It goes good with poptarts, it goes good with cookies. But that annoys my parents. Sometimes my mom goes to get milk out of the fridge and finds a gallon that was full one day and now half-empty. Who did this crime of milk-drinking? Well you are looking at her. Yes it was me.

So I balanced getting my entire breakfast out and onto a little yellow chair and get back onto my laptop, WHICH by the way was dusty. I hate dusty laptops. I despise dust period. You don't know how much dust my family's house can collect in one day. So anyways I enjoyed my poptart while doing my Shelfari. After finishing my Shelfari I decided to do Goodreads but that wasn't working, so I read a little of "Pride and Prejudice", until my siblings started throwing a hoo-hah party and I couldn't concentrate on the book's content. I just gave up and went to go practice my guitar. I'll get back to the book soon enough. I have half-a-mind to go outside and read it. That's what I did with one of the books I've read this year, but it was springtime then, now it is summer and hot with a capital "H". I for one enjoy fall and springtime the best, despite summer meaning no school.

Oh yes which brings me to talking about my plans for the summer. I was going to volunteer at the local hospital with my older sister, but they boosted the age range up. You now have to be 14 instead of 13 to volunteer. It made me partially upset, but I am grateful to my dear sweet mother who is looking into other options. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the library.

Later this summer I shall be departing for overnight summer camp. I am overly excited, for this will be the first time I have ever gone to real summer camp before.  In the years gone by my family didn't have enough money to send me to camp. Now we do! But I'm not the only one brother and older sister are accompanying me. And I believe I am the only insane person in my family who is truely interested in camp. Poor poor

The rest of my plans for the summer are plans for today are mainly to read read read. But I've also got to make a dessert for a family reunion tomorrow.

Bonsoir monamies!

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Oh, honey, I do that all the time. ;)
You're not alone. haha

lol! I've had that happen, except it was waffles. They're so quick. XD
OHHH, I love milk. My parents have to buy it, like, every two days. ha! It does taste good with poptarts and cookies. :D

Eww, dust. :o You need that swiffer dusting thing that traps the dust. It's pretty neat. :) And actually works! lol

I agree. I hate summertime, except for the no-school gig. -_- The hotness. UGH. Why can't we have cool weather, or at least rain, no thunder storms, during this time? People who enjoy hot weather can get hot weather. haha

I'm aiming on reading a bunch of books this year. I need to finish Max Ride and Em Strange. :D

Good luck on that! Stinks you can't go to the hospital. >_>
But I do hope you can get somewhere! lol

Coolness! Hope you have a great time there!! ;D I've never been to a summer camp before, but I have been to a few camps in my lifetime. ^^


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