Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello World!

Hi! I'd like to welcome you to "The Magic of Everyday Life", a blog, starring a 13 year old girl who rambles on about nothing but books. And that my friend, is me.

I also am a homeschool student. My mom is the best teacher ever. I've also got three siblings. An older brother who has graduated high school, an older sister who is obsessed with Lord of the Rings(as am I, teehee), and a younger sister who likes horses. Yeah I'm not the perfect middle sister, I sometimes get in an argument with my siblings, mainly over something silly. We just like to forget it ever happened and laugh about it later. I'd like to have more siblings, but my mom says four kids, two dogs and two cats is enough.

Did I mention my pets? No. Well there are four like I said. Two cats, males named Max and Oscar. One is older, that's Max. And Oscar is fat. If you don't believe me, I could probably get a pic up soon. And as for the dogs, they are both females, sisters on top of that. Their names are Perky and Penny. Penny is my dog. She is roly-poly and so cute. If she had been a boy dog I would have named her Bugsy, why? Her eyes are big and round! LOL!

I also love the LOTR(Lord of the Rings) trilogy. My family owns all three on blu-ray and we plan to get the extended edition. I also like the Narnia trilogy. And Pirates of the Caribbean. And Tangled. I love Tangled! Majority of my favorite movies are Disney, classics, or, like I said, tame-fantasy.

What else...oh yeah. I also like to read! Say the word, I'll get the book.

Life can get crazy and all, so please feel free to comment and, if you'd like, tell me a little about yourself.

~The Authoress


Blessed Homeschool said...

Love your blog, nice job!


Sarah Demens said...

Awesome post, Booky! Can't wait to read more. :)
OH and welcome to Blogspot! haha


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