Monday, January 2, 2012


To me, it seems only yesterday that 2011 started. Now I must try and survive another 2012? It's going to be interesting to see what happens for the next twelve months....and did I mention I turn 14 in June?!?! That's like...five months away. As always at the start of a new year and month, I start making plans. Let me see....four months til' the homeschool conference, five months til' my birthday(which I already mentioned! I have to wait so long!), three months til' Spring Break.

So how was Christmas for everyone? Mine was ok, I guess. BUT WAIT! I GOT AN AWESOME PRESENT AMONGST OTHERS!!!! LOOK!

(sorry for the bad quality but I took this with my webcam, mind you)

A pink i-pod shuffle! And I already have like...ten or something songs on it. This is my favorite out of all presents. Speaking of presents, let me show you the ENTERTAINMENT I GOT.

One of the movies I precisely asked for! Kind of disappointed it wasn't Beauty and the Beast, but I wanted this one just as much.

So, those are the only ones that interested me. Oh yeah, and I also got some perfume or something to smell good, and a snowglobe, and a pair of striped gloves from big brother. And my little sister got me an awesome purple compact mirror with a rainbow-leopard pattern on it. I guess I got my good share of items.

And as you also have noticed by now, I have renovated my blog. Still not done with the sidebar items, as I am still trying to find some blinkies and such to put there besides the ones I already have.

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

I LOVE your blog's new design! It's blackish. X3

Well dude, your presents are epic! :D
And I totally know what chya mean. Like.. we just STARTED 2011. XD Where'd it go? haha

Hey, when you turn 14, maybe we can start video chatting!! ^_^ Cuz that'll be awesome! ♥

Love ya!

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