Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ehhh.....I don't what to call this

I've honestly got nothing to call this post. I did think of the Post of Randomness, buuuuuuuuut that sounded kinda cheesy to me.

So sorry for not posting lately! I know you've all been begging me to make more posts but I've just been slightly lazy again. My days have been....interesting.

Over the course of time that I haven't kept you informed, my older sis turned sixteen. But you wouldn't know how long it took me to find the right gift for her. First I look in movies, nothing there that I could really afford. Looked in t-shirts, but we couldn't find the right size. Looked in necklaces, found some nice ones but then I knew what she really needed. I got her a nice grownup watch. While there I kept pointing out things I wanted and that frustrated my mom, cuz she kept reminding me my birthday was months away and I had plenty of time to decide. It's never too early! And plus I also found a huge Hello Kitty alarm clock that I was going to buy with my Christmas money, but it wasn't there last time. It's always there when I'm shopping for someone other than me.

Sister(11)'s basketball games have started, which I'm usually not fond of going to them, but I made the exception. It's an all girls team and they won! Sis nearly got a shot in but that retarded buzzer went off. I brought my i-pod to try and drown the coaching parents, but that was failed. Can't say I didn't try. See, that's a reason I truly hate going to games. I feel like looking around and shouting "HEY, I came to watch my sister play, not have some loud adult yelling nonsense behind my back, so be quiet!".

If any of you have been getting snow, then you are quite lucky. I really want snow. All I've gotten is wind and rain, that's all REALLY YUCKY. My poor doggie had to be chained outside earlier when it was pouring outside and I had half a mind to go cover her with my umbrella. She looked so pitiful! So yeah, I ended up getting her inside after she was done eating her breakfast and now she owes me to behave.

So far I've spent my day TV....all the usual routine things. I was kind of behind in Bible because I couldn't find my CD. After tearing through my room, I finally found it mixed in my with one of my sister's school CDs. How it got there I don't know, but I'm really glad I found it.

I have been typing stories! My first Sarah Winchester've not really made progress. If you bring up the document I've placed it in, all you'll see is the title "The Amsterdam Diamond". Yes I'm so horrible! I'm at loss of how to begin it. I know I'm awesome at middle chapters. I'm working on endings! But I'm so horrible at beginning stories! That's always been my problem from the first day I started writing short stories and many unfinished novels. But I will succeed this time! I will!

Also on the subject of writing, I am planning on doing a historical-fiction as soon as my first mystery is done and out of the way. Not sure which time period, maybe the 18th century, the era of wigs and fancy-schmancy ballgowns. THAT has to be my favorite, after reading so many that take place there(aka The Charles Town Belles series).

Well, I think that's all my fingers can handle typing right now.

~The Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Yay!! A new post. :)

Well Happy Birthday to your sister! ^^ 16 is an awesome age! I hope she enjoys it! And you're right, it's never too early to pick things out for your birthday! Time flies, after all! :)

Lol! Right, right. XD I feel the same with movies. People are always being loud and making ridiculous noises. I wanna tell them to SHUT UP really bad. haha!
I don't like sports much. ;P I feel your pain.

UGH, I KNOW. I'm hating all this horrible rainy and windy weather. I want snow so very badly. :[

I agree; I'm having a hard time finding out what to do next for Virtus. Either that or I'm in my lazy state again. lolz :)

Love ya,
Sarah Demens ♥

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