Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Been a long time, but now I have finally decided to post!

That was a perfect chance to use that gif and I'm not even sorry, lol. It's only too fitting in this case, I mean because I have not made a post in almost half a year or so and the one thing I am sorry for is if I worried anyone with my absence. I can assure you all I am perfectly fine, nothing is wrong with me, I just have been too caught up with other things as of late. So prepare yourselves for a super long post because I have so much to say.

I am so happy that the weather is finally warmer. Needless to say, I was shocked at how much snow we got this year, but it still didn't snow on Christmas. Sigh...I'm never gonna get a white Christmas, am I? Anyways, yeah, if you know me you know cold weather drives me crazy. If I'm out in it too long I'm bound to get cranky, same with heat. Of course then the people around me have to deal with my cranky attitude until I get into a better climate where I'm comfy. Right now I'm actually freezing because of the air vent and I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt. Now I see why my sister(13) wears a jacket when she's over here at this computer! IT'S FLIPPING COLD. Now if I stepped outside, then it would WARM. Two major differences there. Warm and cold, cold and warm. Which one do you suppose I prefer, hm?

Remember that emotional rant post I made awhile back? Pfft, sure you all do. I honestly feel bad for venting out my problems to all of you, I mean I don't want to annoy anyone or make anyone upset, but where else have I got to write my problems down in but my journal? I prefer typing more than writing. Writing is okay but gives me hand cramps....then again, my fingers get sore from typing so go figure. 

So on the subject of emotional problems...I thought I had control of myself...but I sometimes I still end up having a breakdown. It's not really often, only if I'm by myself and I start thinking about a lot of things...or if someone is bothering me...I don't know, it depends. And not only that, sometimes I end up having panic attacks. Only just last night I did! You know, since I'm a teen I worry about a lot of stuff and one of those things is dying. I was panicking so much last night my heart was racing and I was having trouble breathing. But something inside me told me to start praying, so I did. And guess what? Afterwards, I was completely calm. My heartbeat and breathing were steady again, but I was still shaking a little bit, which is perfectly normal for me when I get freaked out. Pray for me, please. I don't want to keep freaking out over something that isn't happening, it's absolutely ridiculous and I could end up harming myself if I'm not careful. I know God has a future planned for me, and I know all these fears and thoughts are not coming from Him. See, that's my problem. I'm naive at times, and at times I will end up believing something stupid. Praying...it always makes me feel better. When I know that God is with me, when I get that reassurance, I feel absolutely great and I have no problems afterwards.

Life...ah yes, a few things I should probably talk about...

School...agh, only this month and next month and I'll be done for the summer. I'm having trouble focusing but I suppose that is because I have my own laptop and I have the liberty to get online and what not. Then again, even if I'm not doing schoolwork I still have trouble paying attention to things I'm supposed to be listening to or watching. Now let's compare, let's say if my mom was trying to tell me something really important and I ended up getting distracted by something on the television. Not to say that hasn't happened before but you know what I mean.

Math has actually been surprisingly easy for me! Yes, I know, you are probably saying "Math? Easy?!", and hey, its Algebra! Well technically no, I already did Algebra and am now doing Geometry, but both aren't that difficult. I mean come on, Geometry is just shape drawing basically. No arguments there! The only issue I have is if they end up asking me a question and then I might end up getting stuck. Aaaand then sometimes I end up forgetting to do Math...so yeah.

My mom was so nice to me when it came to Biology. She has allowed me not to do any dissecting, seeing as it grosses me out. I mean I am the same girl who can watch Lord of the Rings and not be bothered when there's a battle and someone ends up losing a limb or something, but for some reason when that applies to reality I am disgusted. I do not care to poke and prod a frog's cold body with needles and other sharp tools, thank you very much. That does NOT appeal to me in the least bit. I already had to deal with that when my brother was doing biology but even I didn't hang around.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. I'm currently in the middle of three books at the moment, but right now I'm focusing on the one that is a library book. I did manage to finish reading Catching Fire before I saw the movie, and I was pretty pleased with what the movie had to offer me. It did a good job of sticking to the book, I mean granted just like every adaptation they change things or leave something out, but other than that, it was a decent film. Right now I'm in the middle of the third book, but I needed a break from that so I went on and continued one of the many books I bought at a book fair almost two years ago. Aside from that book, I'm also reading Divergent. The movie for that just recently came out so I thought I'd give it a go. And I'm liking it somewhat. I won't have a full opinion until I'm finished of course, but that is gonna be awhile, cuz that book is thick! Okay maybe it isn't that thick but still!

If any of you have any suggestions for a book I could read, please leave them in the comments. I'm open to anything as long it doesn't have really bad language or inappropriate content.

Oh yes, speaking of Catching Fire, that isn't the only movie I've seen as of late. I just recently got to see Frozen last week, and I think maybe about last month or so I got to see Thor: The Dark World. And holy cow, I loved those movies! 

Let's start with my opinion of Frozen: Now I love Disney movies, and I really enjoyed this one! I mean really it was nearly flawless. The animation was amazing, and let's not even mention the songs. Oh man, the songs. I loved those songs so much. If I had to pick a favorite, I would probably pick Let It Go. Believe me, I loved it even before I saw the movie. I listened to it on Youtube a few times and even starting belting it out myself, hehe(guilty as charged. I take no shame in singing Disney songs!). I'm so glad that this movie won Best Soundtrack and Best Animated Feature, it totally deserved it!

Now out all of these movies I've seen recently, I'd vote Thor: The Dark World as my favorite out of 'em all. I have always been a bit of Marvel girl, I love their movies(minus the old Spiderman trilogy, I apologize in advance to anyone out there who actually likes them). Ever since I'd seen the trailer, I'd instantly known I wanted to see it, although I did have to wait a few months for it to come out on DVD. I put in that disk not knowing what to expect, and ended up liking the whole movie...well, specifically the parts with Loki in it were my favorite parts but I'm sorry, okay? I just loved his character in this one and if you saw the movie you wouldn't even have to ask me why. Most every line that he said...was so well-delivered. I kid you not, he was probably the best actor in the whole movie. Granted, the others were okay but maybe I'm just biased. 

I'll probably have to continue this post another time. I'm having trouble concentrating now because my baby sister is in the crawling stage and has now decided to come over and start bothering me.

Til the next time!

~the Authoress


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