Saturday, August 10, 2013

This won't be a dramatic post I can assure you...

First off, thanks to those of you who left those encouraging comments on my last post. It really makes me feel a whole lot better, and reminds me that there are people out there who care about me. So again, thanks so much. I love you guys! :)

So anywho, I figure I should give you all an update on my dreary little life. The last two months have been nothing too exciting, I mean I should say the only event that has stood out to me this summer is the fact that I'm fifteen now, and that just is making me freak out, because next year I'm going to be sixteen, and the year after that seventeen, and then eighteen, and UOTHRDGJNFIRYIETJHGFBLNM,O0EOP[TRDG!?!?!? Sorry I was just having a bit of spasm there, lol. The fact that I'm growing up scares me, but it shouldn't scare me. I mean it isn't like I don't have a plan, I do have a plan. After graduating high school a couple of years from now, I'm going to go to community college and study drama/theater, and maybe a bit of creative writing on the side. And then I'll probably study the same when I'm in real college, and, get this, I already know what college I'm going to. That beats my older sis, she's graduating high school next year and she is still juggling between two schools.

Oh yeah! I did get a new expansion pack for my Sims 3 game for my birthday!!! It was just the one I requested, Generations! It's kind of a family-oriented expansion pack, adding stuff like a daycare profession, teaching the teens how to drive, afterschool activities, wedding arches, proms, graduations, etc etc etc. So yes, I have been having a lot of fun with it! But there is the fact that I have A WHOLE BUNCH of custom content in my game and so therefore it takes A LONG TIME to LOAD!!?!?! And I'm not a patient girl, rofl, but you know what I mean.

On the subject of movies I've been seen recently...hmm...I have seen quite a few, let me tell you that. Let's I can't really name any at the moment, but when it comes to movie trailers, I can name some of those that I've watched, specifically ones for movies that I am super pumped for! For starters:

FREAKIN THOR 2! I mean I'm not as much as the Thor fan as my little sis is, but still, this looks pretty awesome! I'm just kind of going along for the ride...because well I guess you can say I kind of have a mini crush on Loki, and I might also like the actor who plays him Tom Hiddleston, who plays him. What can I say, he's handsome and a really good actor.  Sometimes I have this thing where I like the character, or I just like the actor, or sometimes I like both of them put together. And that's it with this case. 

I've seen the first movie and read the first book of The Hunger Games franchise, so I'm making a vow to myself to read Catching Fire before I see the movie.

I admit, I'm probably most excited for this movie to come out. I absolutely enjoyed the first Hobbit movie, so I can barely contain my excitement. Oh! And I guess my little sis will be thrilled to see Legolas in this one. I know some people are getting a little mad at the director for throwing in a female elf who wasn't even in the book, but you know what...I don't care. We need more tough females in literature.

There are some other trailers I've seen but I figure I can post them another time.

As on the subject of tv shows, I'm just waiting for some of them to come back. Most of my favorite shows(e.g. Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Psych), are on break at the moment. And most of the finales have ended on cliffhangers, and you can just imagine that this girl ain't happy. I'm furious at the way the previous season of Grimm ended, I, I can't believe it. I would have just shot that creepy dude straight out instead of just chasing after him and ending up captured. Seriously. I'm interested to see what they do in the next season. 

So has anyone seen the little bitty teaser trailer for Once Upon a Time? Did you happen to notice a familiar redheaded mermaid in it? Yes! I'm excited to see Ariel in the next season, and secretly hoping they'll be able to fit a Rapunzel story in there somewhere.

AND ON THE SUBJECT OF DOCTOR WHO. I FINALLY KNOW THE 12TH DOCTOR IS. Seriously, I was getting really nervous and freaking out while watching that announcement on BBC. Now while I'm willing to give Peter Capaldi a chance as 12, I don't know if my younger sis is. She's probably kind of partial to young cute guys, and I can't blame her, but seriously. It's better that they have an older actor fill in the role of the Doctor for a little bit.

To end this post off, I just want to say I feel horrible for not being on lately, and I'm paying for it, seeing as I have A LOT of posts to catch up on.

~the Authoress


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