Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Screenshots from my Virtual Families game

Ok, so I've wanted every Sims 3 game for awhile now, but they are pretty expensive so I don't think I'll be getting some anytime. In the meantime, I found this fun game called Virtual Families, that is kind of like the very first Sims game that came out in 2000, but just a little simpler. I've been playing it for awhile, but I haven't even got through one legacy yet. Today, I decided to show you some screenshots of one of the little families I've been playing with, just for fun:
Here is the dad, Garth, and daughter Riley fixing the birdbath together.
Finished fixing the birdbath! Yay!
Looks like someone needs to use the potty, lolz

Aw, look, Mommy is telling Riley a story, how cute!

The family gathered in the living room to watch television. Not quite sure what they are watching though.

So apparently we get a trophy for turning off the tv? Sweet.

Ok, so instead of freaking out, just fix the stupid thing! Good gracious!

Good girl Riley, you do your homework so you can get good grades in college and make your mommy and daddy proud

....right, you do that

I bought them a grill, you know, because I can.
I don't know if you can see, but she has a basket full of dirty socks.

Nellie, the family cat relaxing on the bed

Ew, yeah, you throw that fish out.

I hope someone fills that gopher hole up soon...

Riley measuring her height. She doesn't look any taller to me, though.

What's this now...

The whole family with the new baby!
And look! It's another girl who I will be renaming as soon as she ages.

Ok ok this is obviously not part of the game but I wanted to show you the wallpaper on my computer. It's the poster for the Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special. 

That's all for now!



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