Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ho Hum

Where has the time gone? How have I let countless weeks slip by without posting? I'll bet you guys are wondering what has been going on with me and my life. Well never fear! I'm here to give you a wee bit of an update.

Alas, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. My brother came home that week, so the whole family was together for the holiday. We had a very nice time.

As you may have noticed, my blog is in the festive-mood. I've been remodeling it for Christmas, but its nothing fancy at the moment, just a new theme and some music. Along with a countdown at the bottom. Just a bit of a work in progress right now.

Christmas! Yes my favorite holiday is coming! At the moment, I have no idea what I'm going to get for my family members, but I'm sure I'll think of something soon. I have a good while to save money and ponder. I think my family is getting our Christmas tree next week. I pray to the good LORD that my dad will have enough sense to buy an artificial one this time, because I am not in the mood to haul in a huge fir tree into the house, and besides, I'm kind of allergic.

I finally managed to finish a book this year. The book you ask? "The Hunger Games". Yes, I've already seen the movie, and I've got to tell you, I liked the book more up until the ending. I hate endings. They are always the worst part of a book. Right when you are enjoying it, the words "THE END" come across the page. Oh well, I guess that is what sequels are for right?

On a bright note, we found out the gender of the next baby. Drumroll please....







Yes, I'm getting another sister. I'm not upset, I mean, I wasn't even caring about the gender. At my mom's age we all just want it to be a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby. And so far, everything seems to be ok. My mom showed us some ultrasound pictures, and it seems this little girl is already very active. I think we have a future soccer player in our family.

After nearly several months of waiting, I finally got to see "The Avengers"! And let me tell you, it was AWESOME! Probably the best movie I've seen all year! Of course the opening was action packed, then it slowed down for a bit, but the action picked up quickly and I loved the whole thing! Wonderful acting by each, they casted the characters perfectly. I am looking forward to every Marvel movie following this one. Which, by the way, Iron Man 3 already had its first trailer. And I'm slightly  scared by it.

I also got to see "Dark Shadows".  It was laughable, I really enjoyed it. And I'm wondering if I'm the only person who did, because I've looked at other people's reviews and they say it was the worst movie they had ever seen. Those people have a problem. It was a great film.

So...have I watched any other films that have come out recently? Nope. I'm just waiting here in my nook for "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" to come out. But then, as I'm not allowed to visit the theater thanks to my strict and weird parents(just kidding, I love them! But my dad is partially weird), I'm going to have to wait for it to be released on DVD.

A few of my followers are Whovians(Doctor Who fans), and I'm just curious as to how you all fared with the Season 7 Fall Finale? Well, I can honestly say...I cried. Yes, I cried. I never usually cry at movies and tv shows but as soon as the Ponds took the plunge off the building, tears were shed. And then, boom! They are back alive! And I'm mad because I got embarassed in front of my family! But to make a long story short, wait, nevermind, I'm not going to spoil what happens to them in the end if you haven't seen the episode yet.  It was sad, let me tell you. It was sad.

Ok...I think I've talked long enough. So...bye.



Sarah Demens said...

Don't feel bad, bud! I haven't been the best blogger at all. :) It's just nice to see something from you, all the same.

I'm liking the new look for the blog! ^_^ I'm gonna start working on my blog's look after I'm done here. I'm thinking of going green and red, instead of tons of blue like I did last year. It's fun to experiment with different colors and stuff so not everything is the same every year.

Oh, I couldn't live without a real tree!! Fake trees, to me, are just a tease. lol :D
But if you're allergic, then it's for the best. I have a small fake purple tree in my room that I keep up all year long. ;) Saves me the trouble from having to get it out from the closet. hehe

Yay!! Congratulations!! :DDD I'm sure your dad is stressed; he's surrounded by girls!! lol But that's ok, mine is, too. ^^ Thankfully, I'm not all girly, so he can still teach me cool boyish stuff. haha

Woohoo! I knew you'd like it! :) I LOVE the Avengers. Such an awesome, perfect movie!!

I wanna see Dark Shadows some time. It looked really funny. I don't listen to what other people say about movies. They hate everything. lol

Aw, that's sad. :( Well, when I go to see it, I will take you with me in my mind. ^^ K? hehe

Oh, I know! The ending to that episode was so sad! I didn't cry, though..I kinda didn't get the feels for it because there were so many commercials, it just wasn't as emotional as it could've been for me..but it's not it's fault. :/
It was a little tease when they popped back up like that after jumping..I just don't like it when they kill off characters, in general. They could've just sat them aside to be used again. But alas, they played their characters as much as they could. And they didn't really kill their characters off, either. They were still alive. So. :p

Btw, the code for the button you have of my blog needs to be updated since I changed the URL! If you message me on HSB or email me, I'll give it to you. Or you can just copy the new one off of my blog and paste it over the old one...lol

Love ya and God Bless, girly! ♥

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