Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"It's Gone. It's Done." "Yes Mr. Frodo, It's Over Now."

I know I'm being overly dramatic by the title but....as you can guess it....I SURVIVED EIGHTH GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeppers folks, as of today, my brain will be allowed to recover for three months before being tortured again. School. is. done. And to celebrate, we got ice cream after music lessons today! Very tasty.

Amongst other things, I'm so happy this week finally came! Because on Thursday, I will be heading off to the homeschool conference my family goes to every year. And I am so excited!

The suitcase is sitting on the couch all packed and ready to go. My bag is packed. And like I said, I'm excited. Or, should I say, over-excited. No, crazy excited! Ahh! Who cares? I'm just really really really excited! Another reason I am so excited is because while there, I will finally get to see one of my good friends again. It's been awhile since we last met up and I have a book I need to get back to her.

I have everything planned out. First place I'm heading after getting settled is of course, THAT AWESOME PLACE WITH ALL THE BOOKS! The Book Fair! I came home with a stack of books last year, and I haven't even read them all yet. Who knows what will happen this year?

My sisters won't be with me the majority of the time, as the older one is volunteering the Children's Conference they are having, and the younger one is going. I was old enough to volunteer, but personally, I would rather spend all my time in the book fair.

I guess that's all I wanted to post about. Sorry it was so short.

~the Authoress


Sarah Demens said...

Heyyyy, congrats, Booky!! :)
I hope you have a fun time at the conference!
I'll be praying for your safe return!

Hopefully you'll have a post to look at on my blog when you come back! :D
Love ya, hon and stay fabulous!!!

~Sarah D.

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