Monday, April 16, 2012

The Post Without a Title

After I don't know how long, the Internet has returned, as I have also made my joyous return to blogosphere! But where to start...a few things have happened!

My brother went on a trip a few weeks back. It was surprisingly quiet and lonely without him around. I got jealous when I heard how much fun he was having, but then I reminded myself that I would be doing something fun in a couple of months. I was happy when he came back home, but I was extra happy for another reason. Why? Well, while on the trip, he went shopping at a Wal-Mart. He called up later saying he had a surprise for me when he got back. I spent all weekend trying to figure out what it was, but when I did find out, I was ecstatic! Observe:

Oh, is that me in the background? :D

If you had not known already, I have been wanting this game like ever since I first heard of it. I've watched a  million gameplays of it on Youtube and continually dreamed of the day I would actually play it myself. So awesome. If you guys haven't gotten this game yet, I totally recommend it!

I wonder what is wrong with my hair. Last Saturday night, it was my mom vs. my hair in a terror-filled other words, my hair tangles easily and my mom was having a fight trying to comb them out of my hair. Sometimes she has to snip through it, and if you saw my tangles you would agree. I mean, seriously. My hair has been like that since I was little. Believe me it hurts when you have your mother ferociously combing at a thick knot in your hair. To make a long story short, my hair is absolutely tangle-free at the moment.

School has been meh. There's only six and a half more least I think. I'm super-excited, as my brain will have a chance to rebuild. Yes sir, lots of great things are happening. There's the yearly homeschool conference my family goes to, my 14th birthday(in June!), and summer camp! My life is an adventure right now!

Just recently, my mom and sisters and I went through all our old clothing and sorted them into piles(it's because my mom was thinking of donating most of them, which we did). And believe me, you wouldn't believe how much stuff we found. You should have seen it! It looked like we could open our own thrift store, but we didn't.

Amongst these items, I found old memories. Lots of dresses that belonged to me and my sisters as little kids. Little shoes. Little pants. Little shirts. It makes me miss the days when I was that size and was enjoying life.

I think I've covered the major areas and updates of my life right now. And since I am still reeling from my Sims Medieval Gleefulness, I will leave you with the main theme of the game, which, I might add, is epic!

~The Authoress


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