Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some of the craziest hotels ever!

Have you ever gotten tired of those same old hotels with the same old beds, the same old breakfast, and the same old same old? Well while browsing the Internet the other day, I came across some of pictures of wacky hotels, which, I don't even know if they exist for real. Let's get started shall we?

Oh yes, this, this is just gorgeous.

My sister would love this one.

Cute. :D

I wouldn't feel safe here. Too much glass.

Hobbit hole for the win!!!!

......Really? An old jail hotel? Nice...

 Is upside down hotel? THAT'S AWESOME.

I wonder who built this hotel...

I'm in love with this hotel. I mean, it's a treehouse! You sleep, in, a treehouse!

As much as this underwater one is cool, I wouldn't feel safe here either. Sharks might pay me a visit...

This is my favorite. I would love to stay in a library hotel. But does it exist?

Which ones do you like? Feel free to post a comment and tell me.

~the Authoress


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